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Creator: mattb325 Upload Date: 2020-03-25
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 2351 Category: Industrial
Last Downloaded: 2021-09-19 Downloads: 912


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Disease Research Center, by Mattb325.


Dr Vu is back and this time he has offered your city a reward with this state of the art disease research center. A magnanimous gesture indeed, and which mayor could possibly say no to a modern eye-catching design on large, landscaped grounds?

This building is modded reasonably similarly to the ingame version, but quite importantly does not emit radiation. It is offered as a reward that is available without needing to meet pre-existing criteria, and can be placed more than once in a city. It does not over-write the in game disease research center and can co-exist with the Maxis version.

Like the in-game version, this building provides numerous civic jobs (R$ 210, R$$ 160, R$$$ 64), acts as an important health service building, assists in busting demand caps (by 24,000 in both R$$ and R$$$), raises the mayor rating and provides a landmark effect. It really is like a hospital on steroids. 

All of these benefits will cost the city $187 per month.

The Disease Research Center lot is Network Enabled and 8 tiles wide by 6 tiles deep.

There is also a bonus IHT lot included which grows on a 6x6 lot. Use the CTRL while zoning to assist in growth.



Hospital Coverage Radius: 5,800

Patient capacity: 62,500

Plop Cost: $29,050

Bulldoze Cost: $18,000

Demand Satisfied: R$$ 24,000, R$$$ 24,000

Demand Created: R$ 210, R$$ 160, R$$$ 64

Landmark Effect: 80/40

Mayor Rating: 2/440

Pollution: 4 (air) /3(water) /20 (garbage)

Radius: 3/4/0

Power Consumed: 55 MwH

Water Consumed: 210 Gallons


Lot size: 6x6

Zone: Industrial Anchor - Medium & High Density

Bulldoze Cost: $571

Jobs: 911

Pollution: 16 (air) /6 (water) /5 (garbage)

Radius: 6/7/0

Power Consumed: 122 MwH

Water Consumed: 114 Gallons



To ensure proper functionality, make sure the following files are in your plugins:

BSC MEGA Prop Pack CP Vol01 (

BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02.dat (

CSX MEGA Props - Vol04    (

BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b (

BSC Textures Vol01 (


To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder.

Thankyou and enjoy


maximusmaximillion Love the color 🤩🤩🤩 2021-06-12
sejr99999 thank you a beautiful alternative to the Maxis building love the colors , shapes and lighting also excellent modding to create an important addition for city growth 2020-03-26