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Creator: art128 Upload Date: 2020-10-18
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The Pavilion of Portugal was an exposition hall built for the Expo98, the world's fair held in Lisbon in 1998.

An important piece of modern Portuguese Architecture, it now stands in the very modern area of Lisbon known as Parque das Nações.

Nowadays it serves as a congress center and and exhibition center.

I've made it a museum. It sits on a 11x6 lot.

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NERANTZAKIS Awesome thank you 2021-01-22
AsimPika3172 Cool! 👍 2020-10-19
gn_leugim Nicely done! and dling! btw, small issue with the character in naç»õ«es in the description ;) 2020-10-19
shengshou I was astounded by its beaut , I will use it in my city 2020-10-18
mattb325 Another great BAT. I love these large, sprawling buildings. Thankyou :-) 2020-10-18
Tyberius06 Thanks for making and sharing this awesome creation. We are lucky that you are back! 2020-10-18
sejr99999 thank you very happy to see new content from you this is a beautiful addition to my Portuguese folder 2020-10-18