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Creator: Killeroo Upload Date: 2020-11-13
Last Update: 2021-02-27 File Type: Tools - Player
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SC4Cartographer - Generate and save images from SimCity 4 saves

Small tool that allows you to create, customize and save map images of cities. Has the following features:

  • Customize zone colors and backgrounds

  • Customize output size (perfect for making or printing posters)

  • Customize output format (PNGs or JPEGs)

  • Browse through available save games and regions or load specific save files

Single executable, does not require installation, can be placed and used anywhere on computer. only requires .NET Framework 4.6 or higher if you do not already have it installed.
Source code, issues and feedback
If you want to see the code, report a bug or suggest a feature head over to Github to checkout the project


jackstevenskinner This is fantastic! Have been waiting for something like this for ages! It's really fast and works really well, thank you to the creator. Small thing: it doesn't display highways. Hopefully that's coming soon. 2021-05-26
Nebuchanezzar This is a beautiful program. Very well done! Is this the first of its kind? I have no programming skill - is it possible to extract information about transport into a mapping program so that you could have a map of streets, maps, highways, rail etc? 2021-01-09
AsimPika3172 Nice! 2020-12-26
Haljackey Very cool! Was able to create this from it! :) 2020-11-17