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Creator: art128 Upload Date: 2021-06-12
Last Update: 2021-06-19 File Type: Realistic
Views: 1952 Category: Commercial - Highrise
Last Downloaded: 2021-07-24 Downloads: 302


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The Novotel Front de Seine is a 31 stories, 98m tall hotel tower in the Front de Seine high rise area of Paris. With its vibrant red color and distinctive windows, it's a very recognizable building.

The building was modeled with some artistic liberties taken to adapt it into the game.

Disclaimer: I've modeled this building firstly for myself. It is done in a way that fits my plan for an area built on a slab inspired by the Front de Seine. As such it may not be the easiest building to integrate into a city. With that said, I've made the slab 7,5m high so that it can be a bit easier to integrate it with the surroundings.

The Novotel sits on a growable 5x5 CS$$$ lots providing 1207 jobs to your sims.

There are two lots for this building: One CAM lot and one NON CAM lot. Please make sure you only use one of them.

Make sure you have the three dependencies.

For support and news about future BATs, visit my threads on either SC4Devotion or Simtropolis.


Planetdeveloper1 Realistic design! 2021-07-15
sejr99999 thank you for the non CAM lot addition 2021-06-22
art128 @City_Slider Now updated to include a stage 8 lot. Apologize for the delay, had a busy IRL. 2021-06-19
WannGLondon Wonderful work here! 2021-06-18
Tyberius06 @City_Slider: Oliver, keep calm, keep calm! Have you read the description? You should have, then you were saving some frustration for yourself: "non CAM version should be coming soon." Only thing you need to do is wait a bit more, or have fun with PIM-X and/or Ilieve Reader... ;) :) 2021-06-15
City_Slider Hello, why is it only for CAM? Why not for both... with and without CAM? The most Designer uploading both Versions or they are compatible. Realy sad, it looks pretty cool. Regards, Oliver (who never installed the CAM and wont do it in the Future). 2021-06-15
sejr99999 thank you for this truly unique building love the color, lights and of course the view into the lobby at night awesome 2021-06-14
AsimPika3172 Awesome! 😍 2021-06-13
jack_wilds nicely done on may points... 4/5 2021-06-13
Bobelboy Excellent. Simply excellent. I remember going to Versailles by train a few years ago and passing by the area where this tower (among others) is located. I was a bit surprised because I did not expect this kind of architecture at the Seine River. But I love it. And if you considered to create more towers from that area, it would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much! 2021-06-13
mattb325 It's really beautiful in every way. Thankyou for sharing :-) 2021-06-12
Une_ame This Parisian buiding is not the most known amongst all the iconic landmarks BUT it is known - in a way or another - by every parisians as it sits on the left bank of the Seine river just after the Eiffel tower and can be seen from the Metro & Parisian express railway (RER) that are not underground in that area. Its 70's architecture is a testament of this "everything's possible" period. Has a result, it is a must have and I'm more than glade Art takes some time to render it with so much success (the nightlight is waouh !). Hope you will be able to had another one (Totem tower ?) with the same slab so that plopping them near each others will give a tast of this particuliar achitecture !!! A BIG THANK YOU :-) 2021-06-12
Tyberius06 Wow, truely awesome work, Art! I love this building. Thanks for making and sharing it! 2021-06-12