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Creator: art128 Upload Date: 2021-10-20
Last Update: 2021-11-18 File Type: Realistic
Views: 3192 Category: Transport - Rail
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-11 Downloads: 457


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This station is modeled after the central station in Tampere, Finland.

It sits on a 6 x 1 lot and overhangs on the sides and back. The lot is street transit enabled to allow access to the parking garage entrance (not functional).

The platforms are elevated by 7.5m to allow them to be used with elevated rails.

Due to the layout of the station, the lot sits 1tile away from the railway line. Because of this it may not function properly as a train station, please test it accordingly.

Since this building was created to fit a purpose in my city, it may not adapt very well to very user, this is a slight inconvenience but I am not going to render different versions of it.

Make sure you have the dependencies.

For support and news about future BATs, visit my threads on either SC4Devotion or Simtropolis.

Updated to include updated NAM and MTA transit switches.


fdjw88 a beautiful train station, thanks for the upload. 2022-05-19
eclipticalstorm @Tyberius06 My version was before the update. I'm downloading the updated BAT now. This is going to be fantastic! Excellent work Art128! 2021-12-23
sirmalko Merci.... 2021-12-20
Tyberius06 @eclipticalstorm: do you have the updated version? The originally uploaded version was not entirelly functional, but the updated version is fully functional. The updated lot is 6x2 tiles and it needs to be built onto the side of a 7.5 meters high slope. When you plop it, the building arrow should face towards the lower part. It is a proximity station. The station, when it was updated was tested thorougly to ensure it's fully functional. 2021-12-14
eclipticalstorm This station looks fantastic! I tested if it would function as a station and unfortunately it does not. I wonder if there's a work around. 2021-12-12
gwada97118 Beautiful station and awesome lighting. Thank you 2021-10-30
sejr99999 thank you for this awesome addition to SC4 train stations excellent attention to detail in exterior & interior views I especially like the lighted clock 2021-10-21
GZS123 It's so beautiful. I like it very much. Thank you 2021-10-20