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Creator: N1_2888 Upload Date: 2021-12-25
Last Update: 2021-12-31 File Type: Plop
Views: 961 Category: Parks
Last Downloaded: 2022-01-19 Downloads: 165


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In 2007 the Japanese BATter Mas71 created a simple asymmetrical stair, which, though being really nice, unfortunately lacks a mirrored counterpart. This download contains a stair model, that loosely follows the design of that from Mas71, but now also features an additional mirrored version. Their classic but plain design ensures a versatile usability.

Furthermore, a small set of matching all-terrain embankment walls is included. The two different levels flanking the stairs directely, however, should be completely even and have a height difference of exactly 15 metres. For the appropriate terraforming, Smoncrie's Hole Digger Lots are recommended. When placing the embankment walls, make sure that the arrow of the respective lot points in the direction of the higher level. Apart from that, the orientation of the lots is based on that shown on the icons. In order to enclose outer corners, two lots have to be placed: on the left a 2x1 lot, which includes the actual corner wall, and on the right, immediately afterwards, a straight 1x1 lot with a barrier grid slightly extending into the corner area.


sejr99999 thank you for this correction 2022-01-02
Tyberius06 Really nice and fun addition to our games. Lovely stairs, they will be useful for many situations. Thanks for sharing! 2022-01-01
N1_2888 If you want the left-hand stair to appear on the lot, please download the updated ZIP file or just change the prop ID in the lot exemplar to 0x4DEE8176. The updated ZIP file also includes some minor changes. My sincere apologies. 2021-12-31
simlacroix I am so happy to see SFTB is still ongoing, I miss your German buildings so much. 2021-12-28
fritzfarlig nice to see something from SFBT again 2021-12-26
AsimPika3172 Thanks for christmas present ever! 2021-12-25
evarburg Excellent and needed ! And the lighting is very nice too. 2021-12-25
Bobelboy I like this project a lot. Exactly the design I'm looking for and very well executed. Thanks for this high-quality BAT! 2021-12-25
sejr99999 thank you will be sure to make good use of this 2021-12-25