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Creator: xannepan Upload Date: 2022-01-02
Last Update: 2022-01-24 File Type: Props
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This prop pack replacing the following contents:




It contains props/models (mostly offset props) from several Porkissimo uploads like Paramounth Opera, Rue Meyerbeer, Large Police Department, also it contains the props based on the Porkie Props vol01's models from the JENXPARIS_Prop_Pack_Vol02.dat.

Xannepan's note on the revisited JENXPARIS_Tweaked_PorkieProps-Vol1.dat which was released with the Quais de Seine sets:

"- The JENXPROP_Tweaked_PorkieProps-Vol1.dat replaces PorkieProps-Vol1.dat. I activated anti-aliasing on some of these props, which gives a better results. Additionally I created prop families to allow for some variation."

Credit goes to Porkissimo for all the models and most of the props, also for Xannepan for the additional editing and props and prop families.

This compilation (and some editing) was made by Tyberius06

(This content has been uploaded under Project ZIP.)

***Update on 24.01.2022
- nothing new, just a bit of re-branding in the folder and zip name. 


Une_ame Very good idea !! Merci Xannepan and Tyberius 06. I hope Porkie, wherever he is, appreciate this nice tribute. 2022-04-23
AsimPika3172 Thanks! 2022-01-06
sejr99999 thank you for putting this together 2022-01-03