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Creator: art128 Upload Date: 2022-08-19
Last Update: Never File Type: Realistic
Views: 1311 Category: Residential - Medium
Last Downloaded: 2022-11-24 Downloads: 200


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This building is modeled after a residential building located at 2 Rue de Chatillon in Paris 14th Arrondissement.

It sits on a 4x4 lot with a diagonal overhang on the right to allow diagonal W2W connection.

It houses 1286 R$$ Residents and is a Stage 7 Lot.

Since this building was created to fit a purpose in my city, it may not adapt very well to very user, this is a slight inconvenience but I am not going to render different versions of it.

Dependencies are listed in the Dependency Tracker.

For support and news about future BATs, visit my threads on either SC4Devotion or Simtropolis.


sejr99999 thank you this grew well as expected and looks beautiful lots of detail and intricate lighting too 2022-08-20
paddy0174 That's really nice! :) 2022-08-19
Nero55 Geat job!Thank u! 2022-08-19
Tyberius06 Truely awesome building, beautiful model and set-up. I like that diagonal corner connection very much! Thanks for sharing! 2022-08-19