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Creator: geoffhaw Upload Date: 2007-02-17
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
This is the second of a series of Flag Prop Packs from the BSC. This particular pack includes mostly national flags, with one 'other'. Also included is a test lot (as shown in the screenshot above) which has no function in the game, and can be deleted once the install is complete. Flags included: National flags: Argentina Armenia Bulgaria Bolivia Cote D'Ivoire Cameroun Colombia Czech Republic Gabon Guinea Guinea-Bissau Hong Kong Hungary Jamaica Luxembourg Mali Nigeria Peru Poland Romania Slovakia Slovenia United Arab Emirates Uruguay Other Flags: St Patrick Cross (also can be used as the Alabama state flag)


chinadpp thank you!!!!!good!!!!!! 2012-11-27
Simaniaco1 When I installed it on the game I just have the test lot but not each flag alone.. 2012-09-11
sc2011bsclex2 11 2012-02-11
sc2011bsclex2 Thank you! 2012-02-11
placepunk2k thanks! from argentina!! =) 2009-10-17
Badsim Thank you for all this work . 2007-05-14
bat56 grrrrreat!!! thx again. 2007-03-29