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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-17
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This pack contains a series of sunken plaza lots. These subterranean malls are found in many cities, often connecting subways.

There are five lots in the set; one with a set of stairs/escalators leading down to the mall, two open (one with jobs), and two with a pyramidal glass roof over the mall (again one with jobs). You can string these together to create a mall.

Apart from the two lots with jobs, these are merely eye-candy, modded the same as the Maxis plazas. The two lots with jobs must be placed beside a network tile (e.g. street, road) otherwise you will get no-job zots.

These lots are BSC Tracking Enabled (BTE) which means they may contribute to Reward Chains.


Now supports LEX Dependency Tracker.

Ignore the dependencies in the readme.


thewhitefalcon Always though these were so cool in real life, thanks for the creation. 2016-01-10
rummtata I remember these, much better alternative or at least addition to the ever boring Maxis plazas! 2015-04-02
Disasterjunkie wow, I have never seen this. <br /> who ever created this, has one wicked imagination. 2014-07-07
TonyNobo thanks!!!!!!! 2012-09-19
mady97 nice job 2012-08-18
xonedl Now what I wish is... transit enable some of these lots especially the stair to become a subway station! We seriously lacking of good subway station >_> 2012-02-25
jacinth ty 2011-08-28
borshencity woow not bad! 2011-08-08
lily72 nice job 2011-03-12
sejr99999 thank you looking forward to using these 2010-06-12
lonvi looks good 2009-07-13
kingk0ng cool 2009-06-28
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-13
pedroferreiralp Wonderful! 2008-10-08
JamesDwho Cool 2008-08-07
JamesDwho Cool 2008-08-07