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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-17
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP

Some time ago Simgoober created a set of park lot pieces that were designed to go together. Some lots had path (trail) pieces, others had parks of different sizes and features designed to work with the paths.

I've revamped these lots (see the BSC Parks v2 Base Set) and one of the changes is to use a new unique base texture (IID). This pack contains a set of textures all using this same ID, so you can change all of the park lots in a region simply by changing the texture file.

There are six textures in this pack, each in thier own .dat file:

  • BSC_Park_Textures_AngledBrick.dat - A brown/grey angled brick pattern.

  • BSC_Park_Textures_BrownBrickLarge.dat - A red/brown brick pattern that matches sone of the textures used on RippTide's Casa Del Sol waterfront lots.

  • BSC_Park_Textures_BrownDirt.dat - A mid-brown dirt or crushed rock texture.

  • BSC_Park_Textures_GreyPavers.dat - A small square grey paver texture similar to the Maxis sidewalk texture (not shown in pic).

  • BSC_Park_Textures_GreyRock.dat - A grey rock texture

  • BSC_Park_Textures_RedBrickSmal.dat - A vibrant red brick texture (probably my favourite)

  • BSC_Park_Textures_SandPavers.dat - A sandstone coloured paver pattern

As the textures use the same ID's, the game will only use the last one loaded (i.e. last one alphabetically), so you should delete the texture files you don't want. Note that the base set also includes a file BSC_Park_Textures_zDefault.dat that should also be removed as it will override all the other files.

This pack does not contain any lots. The lots that use the textures are in the BSC Parks V2 - Base Set.


sejr99999 thank you for these beautiful textures 2021-09-18
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wes4 should i use a only one of park Textures? 2014-03-11
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vipvkj why I can\'t download this? The warning is \"Download Quota for this lot has been exceeded ...\" 2011-03-15
vipvkj why I can\'t download this? The warning is \"Download Quota for this lot has been exceeded ...\" 2011-03-15
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iys04194 Brick is so impressive 2008-07-01
canadacactus Wouldn\'t it be great if you could somehow configure it so you could use the different .dat files in different zones. 2007-09-12
thsatticus216 Very cool. Thanks! 2007-08-11
Serkanner A billiant idea that makes it as easy as child\'s play to have different park sets for every city tile. Sheer brilliance! 2007-02-25
jacqulina wonderfull work 2007-02-18