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Creator: mjig_dudy Upload Date: 2007-01-14
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This Mod will replace the default sidewalk textures in SimCity4 with the sandstone texture (Also used in the NAM pedestrian streets). link to texture This modd will work with jeronij's street side modd. (found here) make sure you load this mod AFTER the street side mod If you have a sidewalk texture that you would like to see replace the standard maxis sidewalk textures please PM mjig_dudy or post in my development thread at simcities.com link To install simply extract the contents into your My Documents/SimCity4/Plugins folder. We also suggest you create a folder called SMP PROD in your plugins to keep all of our work together. Modding - mjig_dudy Special thanks to those members of simcities.com who offerd support and suggestions Any Questions or Comments feel free to PM mjig_dudy, Please do not PM SimTropiaProductions.


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