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Creator: Colyn Upload Date: 2007-02-18
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 7015 Category: 00 Outdated
Last Downloaded: 2013-03-25 Downloads: 2796


275 KB (v1.0)
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This pack now forms part of BSC Essentials
A pack of Essentials for all CSX Lots.


park 8899 thank you ! 2013-06-02
raichimang good 2013-05-29
piero_tasso Here for BSC Essentials http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=443 2012-07-30
aiti thank you ! 2012-07-26
a_muses Can the description please be changed to direct to the newer pack? I have no idea where to start looking for it. 2011-08-22
TimZwart Unlock plz, need it for canals 2011-04-13
cman Thnx 2011-03-16
swindle0417 thank you 2011-02-03
swindle0417 thank you 2011-02-03
sombryo12 2011-02-02
thegiant27 Administrator unlock it. I need it for my canals. Please,please,plaese,please,please unlock!!! 2010-12-20
sjdhfjdhj I can\'t download it 2010-11-03
Titanor where is that pack? 2010-07-20
boy-cott jk 2010-04-02
Tenzwood people, its locked because its now part of a bigger set, just go download that...duh.. 2010-03-16
poop locked, darn 2009-12-17
pokoronpon thank you ! 2009-11-27
pokoronpon thank you ! 2009-11-27
gussansan thank you !!!! 2009-10-23
takotako1989 Thank You! 2009-09-26
dwpshacktowngg unlock plz 2009-08-02
RainDay hello 2009-04-21
hiroka thanks! 2009-04-05
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
jeonminwoo11 please !! T^T 2009-01-28
tomohiro1975 please!! 2009-01-27
caspervg C\'mon people, everything that was in this package is now part of the BSC Essentials. Read the text! 2008-11-22
MANIACAVE please!! 2008-11-11
aoi-kaela thank you ! 2008-11-07
wotwot Unlocked? Oh whyyy?! 2008-10-14
minikuro l 2008-09-20
densaat Please unlock, I need it for nice parks! :) 2008-07-23
PhilosophersMuse Hmmmm locked How do I get it if it is locked ? Unlock it please please, and please.? 2008-04-28
Ne0Que Lot Download Locked by Administrator, Look at the name, its not Essential!!! for nothing! unlock please 2008-03-12
g_kasuga please!! 2008-03-04
g_kasuga please!! 2008-03-04
g_kasuga please!! 2008-03-04
icepeter thank you ! 2007-06-29