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Creator: Colyn Upload Date: 2007-02-18
Last Update: 2022-06-19 File Type: Props
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UPDATE 19 June 2022 for Project ZIP. Installer replaced with ZIP file and other housekeeping, courtesy of Tyberius06.
SEARCH for these files on your PC and remove them BEFORE you deploy this Package.
Or use the Cleanitol file in the zip to do the work for you.

BSC BAT Props - CSX Flora Vol 01.dat
BSC BAT Props - CSX Flora Vol 01a.dat
BSC BAT Props - CSX Flora Vol 02.dat
CSX WFK - Props Vol 02.dat
CSX WFK - Props Vol 03.dat
csx_Flora_Imperial Palms.dat


Disasterjunkie This has been download it on 03/07/2020 2020-03-07
Disasterjunkie I'm new at simcity4. I'm downloading this bc It is required for some buildings from the simotropolis website that I liked. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe in the future, when I get a better idea of all these mods; I can contribute as well. Once again, tk 4 all your hard work. 2020-01-26
Homie Lamar Thanks a lot for this. 2016-03-10
rummtata Thank you =) 2015-03-22
Disasterjunkie I have officially learned my lesson!<br /> make a back up. <br /> make a back up. <br /> It will take me days to get all my info again. 2014-07-07
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