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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-02-19
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
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JRJ Mickebear's Residential small houses

This is my first set of residential buidlings. Based in the spectacular Mickebear's Mediterranean houses. These are all small 1x1 to 2x2 residential lots, mainly intended to recreate these typical mediterranean small towns and villages.

This set contains:

19 1X1 R$ growable lots
12 1X2 R$ growable lots
13 2X2 R$ growable lots

All the lots use props families wherever is possible, and this gives even more variety to them.

How to achieve the better effect.

If you want only this lots to appear, make sure you have installed Dusktrooper's No Maxis Buildigs mod, and also make sure you do not have other undesired residential lots. Run the game, and they will grow like mushrooms!!!

Technical Info

All the buidling stats has been revised and set to be reasonable and do not break the game playability.
All the lots grow in low and medium density zones.

The lots do have some dependencies, which any fan of Mickebear will already have. Here is the list:

BSC MEGA Props MBEAR Vol01.dat
BSC MEGA Props MBEAR Vol02.dat
MBEAR_MediterraneanTextures1.dat - Both included in MBEAR_Support Files pack

The lots belong to the Euro set only.
The lots are also tracked by some of the BSC rewads.


I hope you enjoy them. you can see these in action at my MD, Grand Canyon , and post any help request there as well.

These lots are hosted exclusively at SC4 Devotion


Joun_Danger Install_VIP Snow Theme Pack 01 2013-05-12
Sirron-kcuhc I love these buildings! They have gotten me really far. Thanks! 2011-05-30
tslate I see only two problems with these. There seems to be a lack of buildings for the first growth stage? It was necessary for me to install other residential buildings to jump-start my city before these would grow. The other is.. I can\'t seem to find any matching CO buildings! (I\'ve found only CS) My demand for everything is now below zero except for CO, and I\'ve no buildings with which to fulfill that demand. 2010-09-13
Une_ame Thanks, Jeronij for this wonderfull and helpfull job. I which to have the same style for some CO$ and/or CS$ 2010-01-04
Herrbenjamin I can\'t see the buildings, just the grounds are growing up. :( and I\'m sure I\'ve got all dependencies. :S 2008-11-10
jeronij simguru, make sure you have the euro set only selected. this will help a lot ;-D 2007-08-09
simguru1992 hey jeronij... these are wonderful lots by the looks of them! and your work at sc4 devotion is great! however... i cant get them to grow. Im using No Maxis Buildings and there is demand for R$ but alas... it doesnt grow. If feedback is possible please email or comment me a solution. (mish.rabinovich@gmail.com) I hope this is not asking too much from a great SC4 player! Thanks. -michael 2007-08-01
c.p. Wow, this looks like a great set of lots. Thanks for sharing these. 2007-04-29
Fred_Ginger Hey Jeronij as far as I\'m concerned, you can \'start\' anytime! 2007-02-21
jeronij Hello to all, thanks for the nice feedback, and I hope you all enjoy these lots ;-D. And yes, there are 44 lots, no more, no less...what can I say...once I start...it is difficult to stop !!! 2007-02-20
Hydra Nice work jeronij. keep more these house coming in. 2007-02-19
vester Love them. Nice to see Mickebear work, come to some more good use. 2007-02-19
Schulmanator I have been wishing for these... and now my wish has come true! 2007-02-19
Archangel \"This set contains: 19 1X1 R$ growable lots 12 1X2 R$ growable lots 13 2X2 R$ growable lots\" Are you honestly serious??? are you HONESTLY SERIOUS!? HOLY WAH!!! Thats like 44 different lots! You are a machine! This rocks!!! WOw!Wow!wow!lol! thank you! 2007-02-19
blackbeard I ain\'t crazy about Euro stuff but these I can\'t pass up.Thanx for sharing 2007-02-19
M4346 Oh I really love this! It is really useful and a great addition to the MBear set! *thumbsup* Although I have no need for them as yet, I am downloading and putting them on my \"to-do\" list! :P THANKS! ;) 2007-02-19
Silur Hi, jeronij ... I like these houses and I\'ll try construction my city with this. I know all about your HiFi Quality objects ... If 1x1 is real - THANKS !!!!! 2007-02-19