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Creator: callagrafx Upload Date: 2007-02-19
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
This is a prop pack comprising all my props and buildings to date. It is also required for the upcoming release of St Davids's Hotel. Included in the ZIP file is the BSC Cleanitol TM file and I strongly suggest you use this before installing the Pack.


Disasterjunkie I'm new at simcity4. I'm downloading this bc It is required for some buildings from the simotropolis website that I liked. Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe in the future, when I get a better idea of all these mods; I can contribute as well. Once again, tk 4 all your hard work. 2020-01-26
Bobby_Gamer Guess I need it. 2016-04-06
Disasterjunkie very nice, thank you for this great site. 2014-07-07
dagonet thanks!!! 2014-04-08
LordCarbuncle I can now download the hotel. 2012-10-07
jf9vp10 thanks pro 2012-09-16
RCBEG Many thanks for it 2012-09-07
ken19920723 And I\'m no Goober, so it shouldn\'t take you long 2012-06-12
Pants01 Been looking forward to this baby for a long time. I\'ve got 11 cities and I\'m looking at growing 11 Ricky Pontings...he bowls medium paces too, right? 2012-04-17
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
brandbrand32 Thank you! 2010-10-01
densaat Gj 2010-07-14
JaqXx81 Thank you very very much for both files, this will for sure help out tremendously. 2010-03-25
sejr99999 thank you very useful 2010-03-22
CobraBlackTail Wonderful 2010-03-11
tiandong Just thanks very much. 2009-10-01
roni-m3 thank you 2009-09-21
alanrobert87 THANKS 2009-09-16
alanrobert87 THANKS 2009-09-16
SneakyAo1 Thank you very much. 2009-09-13
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
canis39 thanks! 2008-01-20
treveus2 this one is empty?! nothing in it when i unzip? 2007-06-01
mnye take me a long time on finding! thanks a lot 2007-05-19
bat56 Thanx for sharing! 2007-03-28
sebes Great pack again ! Thanks all... 2007-02-25
callagrafx couchpotato...thank Barby, she\'s the one that did all the hard work compiling and packaging :-D 2007-02-24
couchpotato Thanks for the Cleanitol file. It\'s so difficult to sort through tons of folders to find old files. 2007-02-23
High5Tower Now to go build my hotel. thank you 2007-02-21
Serkanner Thank you for the easy use of the great assets you created. 2007-02-20
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2007-02-19
callagrafx BB I can PM you the model file, so you don\'t need to clean any of my other stuff out if you want the hotel but don\'t want the megapack. 2007-02-19
blackbeard Cal thanx for the reminder but \"All\" these Props and Programs have given me a headache.So I\'m going to sit a few innings out.Thanx again for the help. 2007-02-19
callagrafx BB, you will need the file for the Hotel 2007-02-19
blackbeard Thanx Cal but after reading your reply it ain\'t worth the stress but for those who can use the file and the props it\'s a excellent idea. 2007-02-19
barbyw Thank for uploading this pack. My next upload will make use of it. 2007-02-19
callagrafx And I\'m no Goober, so it shouldn\'t take you long 2007-02-19
callagrafx I\'m really sorry that Cleanitol doesn\'t work for you BB...but a lot of people are using the Cleanitol so we\'re including the file for that as a matter of course. If you open the text file in Notepad it lists the files you need to delete, just like the old days :-D 2007-02-19
blackbeard I got a problem.The Props are a great idea and I\'m looking foward to the Hotel but why the Cleanitol file?.It wasn\'t written for Win 98 users. 2007-02-19