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Creator: couchpotato Upload Date: 2007-02-21
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New props from couchpotato


Fufumagnato Sorry but where can I find the dat file PropsPak_mjb_FlowerFamily01.dat?<br /> Apparently it is not in the two mega pack of mjb... 2017-10-01
gunkz32 this file is included in BSC MEGA Props vol II yet ? 2015-11-06
Lolt *dependecies 2014-12-28
caspervg @LoIt: Hmm, that\'s true. You can disregard the Cleanitol report. Cleanitol only checks for the filename of the file. It will report \"BSCBATProps MJB Vol 09.dat\" missing because it can\'t find a file with that name, even though BSC MEGA Props Vol 09 has all the required assets. 2014-12-28
Lolt *dependecies 2014-12-28
Lolt @caspervg The problem is a Cleanitol shows an this outdated depencies. But, when you,i (or someone else) download a Mega Prop MJB Vol02 & Install correctly, the cleanitol still shows an missing dependency to this outdated one. 2014-12-28
caspervg @MOREOPTIONS: If you download <a href=\"http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2422\">BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02</a>, BSCBATProps MJB Vol09.dat will be automatically installed. It is included in that package. 2014-11-09
xiaoxiaozh nice 2014-07-01
cefien Well, this file had to be locked....i almost downloaded this before i knew it is a part of BSC Mega props MJB vol2 now... :P 2012-10-23
mady97 thank 2012-08-25
colco2121 -Replace with BSCBATProps MJB volume 2. Replace the files, and use BSCCleanitol to help you :) 2012-07-07
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-09
wenny \"\"\"\"it\'s to be locked\"\"\"\" replaced BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02.dat; http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2422 2011-11-09
Ioseph thanks 2011-11-02
fred wu 2011-10-14
fred wu 2011-10-14
chastelou 2011-09-25
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
slystone2 included in BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 2010-11-23
sejr99999 thank you hopefully this will eliminate my last missing props 2010-09-07
MutantPlatypus This file has been superseded in BSC BAT Props MJB Vol 02 2010-07-27
ddochi thank kyou ^^ 2010-05-17
dwelln8hss32 Thanks for the update! 2009-12-28
pjc1965 Thank you!! 2009-11-18
djvandrake Thank you very much for putting a picture of what the props are on the download icon!! I can\'t tell you how useful that is and much appreciated. These look great too. :) 2009-08-11
tomrolfe Thanks 2009-07-04
lorenzo.mu cool 2009-02-13
pedroferreiralp great, really! 2008-10-08
patfirefghtr sweeet 2008-02-02
canis39 thanks 2008-01-20
Jinx Adorable! 2007-03-03
jacqulina wonderfull work 2007-02-22