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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-01-12
Last Update: 2009-04-30 File Type: Plop
Views: 8430 Category: Rewards - BTE
Last Downloaded: 2022-08-11 Downloads: 7238


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Updated using SC4PIM and also with some prop changes.

This is a large opencast coal mine that is a reward offered when you have an industrial population of 569, an active IM demand of 345 and at least one coal power plant.

This lot has been updated using SC4PIM and has had some prop changes as well. If you have the original please ensure that you bulldoze it from any cities before removing the lot either manually or by using the RemoveList in the zip with BSC Cleanitol TM. There is also a new Readme with updated dependency links.



DJP looks good - any chance of an updated dependency list in the read me!!! 2009-04-04
mafukw very nice!I like it. Thanks! 2009-02-13
tragicomicus1 dead links in the readme!!! Hope I already have the dependencies :) 2009-01-09
jamezz very nice! awesome work! 2008-09-25
williamdumovich nice 2008-06-17
williamdumovich nice 2008-06-17
SpartanB292 holy s*** batman very nice 2007-04-08
beskhu3epnm Where would I be without the mighty BSC?? 2007-02-18
Silur Excellent work - I like it. Thanks! 2007-02-17
TheTeaCat Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing 2007-02-10
sebes This is a wonderful piece of industrial art! Thank you. 2007-01-28