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Creator: ripptide Upload Date: 2007-02-24
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
Views: 8657 Category: Dependency - Props
Last Downloaded: 2021-04-11 Downloads: 5708


861 KB (v1.0)
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This file now forms part of BSC MEGA Props RT Vol04


Tyberius06 @Chimosh: as you can see above, it was merged into a new megaprop pack what you can download. This file has been superseded by BSC MEGA Props RT Vol04 - https://www.sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2066 2021-05-23
Chimosh Has this been abandoned? I need this file also 2021-05-23
zaagtand Thank you very much 2015-11-26
zaagtand I appreciate it ! 2015-11-26
instilation00 please unlock this file. I like so many need it, because the mega pack does not have BSCBATProps RT MineCorp Vol01.dat 2014-08-13
Disasterjunkie yeah, I downloaded the upgrade, ran by cleanitol but it still ask for this outdated file 2014-07-16
Basra12 why is it locked 2012-05-05
RWAC pls unlock 2012-04-06
tir3d Please Please unlock this. I have big brown boxes on a lot of my lots :( Plllllleeeaaassssseeee. 2012-02-24
tsc52050 thk 2011-11-05
djangelboy could really use this.... 2011-08-16
mulligan128 either this isnt part of the pack or all of the seaports are broken...please unlock this 2011-07-18
Mocha2007 COME ON UNLOCK THIS!!! I need it NOW for like a dozen things!!! 2011-07-12
xxx 2011-03-14
xxx open now 2011-03-14
xxx Please unlock this! 2011-03-09
xxx Would this become gladly that Downloaden is however Locket? 2011-03-09
0Jungleman0 I am reporting the same issue! The file does not even show up in the remove list! Is this file need yes or no? Thanks Jungleman 2011-01-06
pepsibottle1 Reported missing, not part of the prop pack. Please unlock, I really need this!!!! 2010-11-27
TurtleShroom Please unlock this! 2010-10-29
leodex ty 2010-10-19
wjmk77 same problem.... cleanitol reports missing, yet I have this file, yet still have brown boxes on deadwoods\' snm lots. 2010-09-15
msproll21 According to the cleanitol, Vol01 is missing though it\'s been included in Vol04 which is what I have. The Newman lots have brown boxes I can\'t get rid of. Please help. 2010-09-12
totti1 why?locked? 2010-08-13
TownMaster2005 Any Alternative. Required to install the functional seaports. 2010-02-28
Possenberg can you please unlock it need this pack, thanks 2009-11-17
Luckrecio look for \'BSC MEGA Props RT Vol04\' now 2009-08-26
komekazee why is it LOCKED??? i looked forever for this and its locked.. im very dissapointed >=[ 2009-07-08
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
patfirefghtr ty 2007-08-01