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Creator: Daeley Upload Date: 2007-02-26
Last Update: 2010-04-21 File Type: Tools - Developer
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UPDATED to 2.0!
GUI completely revamped plus many small improvements, too many to list.

Pathing modders rejoice! This tool packs a collection of utilities that should make it possible to create paths with far less trial-and-error:

  • Point-click add/delete points to a path

  • Import and edit existing or newly created paths trough the text interface

  • Easily customize individual path properties

  • Examine and rotate paths in Perspective View

  • Add background pictures to place paths more easily

  • Copy, mirror and rotate paths

  • Check paths in adjecent tiles for alignment with the Multipath Viewer

  • Many more...

This tool was created in Java and requires a JRE (1.6 or higher) to be installed. If you visit sites with applets, you will probably already have this.


poyaudin89 How to make a path from subway to el rail 2017-03-12
crysspm Your amazing!!!<br /> Great Job!!! 2013-11-02
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
mjj911 dontknow how to use but its pretty cool 2010-09-16
joshriddle577 ^figure out by testing it 2010-07-18
Barnaby How does this work anyway? 2010-07-01
onlycoop very cool tool, just wish you had a read me or tuto for it. but i\'ll figure out hopefully or find something that will 2009-04-10
korsferd man... ...you own! can\'t wait to learn how to use this amazing tool. since sc4tool, this one is a must have. Hope there is a \"tuto\" for a quicker understanding. 2009-04-02
warrior2 Yay, thanks for updating it again Daeley, your the best ;) 2008-12-22
un1 Transit modding made 5000x easier, thanks! 2008-12-12
dedgren Beyond excellent! The initial release tool was great- these improvements make it perfect. 2008-12-12
energeticmouse does this let me make cars go where i want? 2008-07-18
gn_leugim 5* no more coments 2008-04-21
GoaSkin The application works on Mac OS X too. For that, run a terminal, then change to the directory with the .bat files and type \'sh PathCreator.bat\' 2007-06-22
cameron1991 Thanks for this program, It looks very usefull! I would like to learn how to mod paths, but it looks too complex... 2007-03-10
Tarkus Being a modder, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Thanks a million, Daeley! 2007-03-09
Darmok Can\'t wait to try this, I\'m a newbie in modding but I think this will help me a lot! 2007-03-04
pilotdaryl It does look hard to work... but at least I got a simple pathing tool! 2007-02-28
mjig_dudy that saves me about half a life time of checking paths, thank you so much 2007-02-28
mrgscottc I\'m not a modder either and certainly don\'t have the ability to path anything. Those who work with transit networks will be forever grateful. 2007-02-27
Mas71 Wao! It\'s greatest!! Thank you very much Daeley!! 2007-02-26
Bongoswimp Sounds very useful. I\'ll have to try this one. Thanks! 2007-02-26
Daeley thanks for the positive comments guys ^^ 2007-02-26
jeronij I am a modder and I think this is a must-have one ;-D !!! I cant wait to test it...and thanks for the 3rd dimension !!! 2007-02-26
dioangel like what joelevan says.. I\'m not a modder either but it\'s awsome 2007-02-26
Serkanner I am flabbergasted ... totally flabbergasted. 2007-02-26
joelevan I myself am not a modder, but I have to ask...how does this tool work? It looks neat! 2007-02-26