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Creator: vester Upload Date: 2007-01-14
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
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This package includes mods for 18 different trams. 10 from Eastern Europe, 2 from Oslo, 2 from Amsterdam and 3 from North America. Beside those I have made a blue trolley. It's all multi-unit trams.

If the trams shows up as green, red and blue, please install:
Vil's fix for VDK GLR Tram Mods.

Any question please post them at:
VDK Costumer Support.


archkorn Thank you! 2011-12-11
GoldLineMaster love the tramwork. can u make a train that looks like the metro rail systems of Los angeles? thanks 2011-01-02
vil If the textures dont work for you here is <a href=\"http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/19/793716/VDK%20GLR%20Tram%20Mod%20ATI%20fix.zip\">a fix.</a> 2009-02-12
megabalta I\'ve got the same problem as Detox. Could you post the solution here in the comments please? 2008-12-22
bodek mokaseh nian jok... oke bro... 2008-08-14
icepeter thank you Vester,it\'s useful to me. 2007-06-21
patfirefghtr wooooooohooo i found them thank you Vester 2007-06-09
Detox06 Update on that. I got all 3 of your texture packs that have been released on BSCLEX and I still am unable to see the actual textures of the trains. Help please! 2007-03-29
Detox06 Um. Love your work. But when I put this into my city, its a black and green and blue and red and white train, like its missing textures. But I don\'t see anywhere in any of the readmes or anything that it has dependancies. Please email me detox06 (at) gmail (dot) com if there are dependancies I need and might not have? Or another solution if you have one? I do have NAM but its only 2006 because of the RHW issues with it. Would that cause this? 2007-03-28
vester See PM send to you. 2007-02-22
Aleksander1234 the trams don\'t show up after I build the track please help 2007-02-22
vester I haven\'t made those two files. 2007-02-01
Mas71 Thank u 4 good trams collection 2!! but...Where are 2 data \"VDK GLR BlueTrolley_MU-x.dat\" and \"VDK GLR SanDiegoTrolley_MU_x.dat\"? Are there not include?? I\'m foward to your next work VESTER !! Thanks a lot!! 2007-01-25