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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007-02-28
Last Update: 2007-03-11 File Type: Tools - Player
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Update as of 11 January 2018: With the addition of the LEX Dependency Tracker, and further expansion of coverage of deadwoods' files, this file is no longer needs, and has been locked. Click the green "Supports the dependency tracker" button on any of deadwoods' files to obtain all the dependencies in one convenient download. 

As part of migrating all of my files across to the BSC LEX, I've been reviewing my dependencies. I was going to update all of the readmes, but so far I've got 60+ of them.

So I took a different approach; a single HTML file listing all dependencies for all files and a BSC Cleanitol TM file that will check if you have the dependencies installed. You must have Cleanitol v1.8 or higher for this file.

So, download this file, run the .exe and look at the HTML file that will be displayed. It shows both the common dependencies and the lot-specific ones. Then run BSC Cleanitol against the check_for_deadwoods_dependencies.txt (in your Program Files/BSCCleanitol folder) to see what you are missing.

If you find any issues with this list, please PM me at SC4Devotion.


Tarkus Update: after doing a server query, I've located and removed all Dependency Tracker references to this list, having imported all the data into the tracker. The Maxis bldgprop files are also on the LEX directly now, so most (but not all) of the deadwoods' files are now fully self-contained within the LEX ecosystem, dependencies and all. Re-locking the file. 2018-01-11
Tarkus I was under the impression that most of the deadwoods' lots had already been switched over to NOT point to this list on the Dependency Tracker. Will have to check it over. Temporarily unlocking. 2018-01-11
1SweeTDreamS1 The dependency list is still either the only thing listed and/or the only thing that downloads as deadwoods dependencies in some of his most used files. The files that download this "list" only download the Cleanitol with no dependencies. Many developers have used deadwoods projects as dependencies. This is a little bit of a pain in the rear for users. Does anyone know what is on this list??? 2018-01-11
Zeratai The dependency tracker still points out to deadwoods dependency list...in all of his lots... 2017-09-24
Tarkus beeperbeeper: The SC4 Devotion LEX has an API, designed by CasperVg (who designed the current iteration of the exchange), and there is a GitHub for the API (https://github.com/caspervg/SC4Devotion-LEX-API). To my knowledge, the dependency data from our site can be accessed through the API. It does not, however, cover other sites--there are quite a few files here which link to dependencies hosted on Simtropolis, but Simtropolis' reliance on proprietary software and services has limited their ability to be able to provide features like dependency tracking.<br /> <br /> We are well aware of the limitations that past community policy has had on the current scene, and have plans to improve the things that are under our control, but the smaller size of the community, and heavier real-life obligations many of us currently face have left us with limited time/workforce. 2017-05-14
beeperbeeper There should be documented dependency tree, this allows other people to build their own dependency trackers. One of the big problems with SimCity4 modding community is the amount of closed source, unnecessary copyright. It's 2017, files like this should be on a GitHub repository, as well as all the other dependencies on this site. 2017-05-13
Tarkus sith: Read the comment below. There's no reason to complain about this particular download anymore, as we've input all the dependency data from it into our Dependency Tracker feature. You no longer have to deal with this file if you're downloading deadwoods' files. 2017-04-24
sith Like Some others have said an EXE wrapped in a zip file just to view and HTML file seriously just wow what a load of rubbish. That is just so un-user friendly and well just plain old LAZY 2017-04-24
Tarkus succulentwasp: I've added all the contents from this list into the LEX's new Dependency Tracker system, so you can pick up the dependencies for deadwoods' stuff just by clicking the "Dependencies" tab on any DEDWD file. As such, it's no longer necessary to bother with this list. 2015-04-23
succulentwasp We seriously have to download an exe to look at an HTML...? This is the dumbest thing I've encountered on this site. 2015-04-23
JonatanRaven So my dependency-folder just jumped up 118mb becsuse i wanted to use one of your buildings...<br /> <br /> :( 2015-01-18
Disasterjunkie very nice, thank you for this great site. 2014-07-07
Tarkus I\'m going to make it a priority to try to get all these listed on Dependency Tracker here, which would render this list largely moot, and make deadwoods\' stuff (which is very nice--he\'s one of my favorite BATers) more accessible. 2014-07-05
a_muses I still can\'t believe that we have to download a Windows executable to look at an HTML file. 2014-07-04
janbiya What an inconvenient way of listing dependencies--more than anything it looks like you were just trying to get the download count up for some of your lesser used dependency files. 2014-05-25
Tarkus rcurtis: In deadwoods\' defense, he hasn\'t been active in quite some time. A lot of the dependency tracker work for developers who are no longer active is being done by LEX Admins in their spare time. We are slowly but surely getting that data added. 2013-12-07
rcurtis Frustrating. The LEX has a dep. tracker, please use it. Not using any DW stuff. 2013-12-07
Saayman I don\'t see the point of all this if I want to download one thing. Now I have no clue as to what to do. 2013-10-26
kandi17 With all due respect, this download was a waste of time for me. I downloaded about 20 things and I only needed one. I know you probably put a lot of effort and I applaud you for it. This just wasn\'t for me. But I\'m sure someone will find it useful..... 2013-09-09
kandi17 With all due respect, this download was a waste of time for me. I downloaded about 20 things and I only needed one. I know you probably put a lot of effort and I applaud you for it. This just wasn\'t for me. But I\'m sure someone will find it useful..... 2013-09-09
noypi07 So we have to download all dependencies listed here for the off chance that one of your stuff requires one or two of them? Wow, that\'s very efficient! NOT. Simply stupid. Two thumbs down. 2013-08-12
lotherius This does not list dependencies for the Rural Firestation lot. 2013-01-14
TonyNobo Yes, this helps me out!!!!!! 2012-09-19
piero_tasso some links are broken, you can find these here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1412 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/2879-foss-construction-tower-crane/ http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=54 (I suppose) what a mess! 2012-07-30
Terring7 I have the raised parks and underground plazas, which doesn\'t need any dependencies at all! Why I should download all those stuff, if I don\'t really need them? 2012-05-31
vishals730 love it 2012-04-19
joeku Thank you very much 2012-03-12
TonyNobo SAves us a lot of work and agony, Thank you 2012-02-26
a_muses This is way outdated... 2012-02-25
Duvad pretty ridiculous. too bad because back in the day deadwoods aussie stuff was my #1 dl at the stex 2012-01-28
esto An installer for a readme file - now iv\'e seen it all. 2011-09-18
a_muses This is useless for Mac users. I can\'t even open it with FileJuicer, the usual standby for all other lots, BATs, and mods... 2011-09-12
ImFromSweden Not user friendly at all. 2011-09-11
Ioseph Thanks a lot 2011-08-25
Rocco Litencourt I\'m totally NOT downloading all dependencies [if that\'s what I need to do by now]. When I be able to know what exactly I need to download, then I\'ll to that. For now, no Deadwood stuff. 2011-08-20
sleeperone thank:) 2011-08-14
wangbiliao thank 2011-03-27
jsc95 Why not just put links in the readme files? o_O Am I the only one that thinks that this way of doing dependenceies is user UNfriendly?? 2010-12-06
TurtleShroom The Oil thing is locked... 2010-10-29
bean32 this needs to be updated 2010-09-27
ZonZaucker this is definitely the best approach to dependencies! thank you!! 2010-01-21
Gunmondostir tanks is (indispensable) 2009-12-10
roni-m3 Thnx 2009-09-21
IDK ok... 2009-08-07
debaser I wish \"Cleanitol\" wasn\'t necessary to use your stuff, which I remember was great a long time ago when I played SC4. Now I have 64 bit Vista, and it will not run Cleanitol among other things. I don\'t know why I can\'t just get a simple dependencies list like the old days. 2009-07-03
FloM. I agree with GoaSkin and tslater2 - You should allow other, non-registered users to download files like these. I need dependencies for a file I downloaded at Simtropolis, and now I had to register here to actually find what I need. Now that I have what I need, I can delete my account. Not very user-friendly! 2009-06-24
tslater2 So, say there\'s only ONE of your files I\'m interested, you\'re making me go to this page, download this zip, get a \"cleanitol,\" and THEN figure out if I want to grab the likely 6+ dependencies for that ONE bat I\'m interested in. No, I don\'t think I\'ll be downloading ANY of your stuff. 2009-06-02
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
tragicomicus1 I can\'t find the school props and there are a lot of brown boxes in the SimCityRail Utility Lots 2008-11-11
GoaSkin sorry. What you\'re doing isn\'t very user-friendly. It is an hard way to find out, what dependencies are really needed. At one side, the installation of custom content should be simplified using installers. At the other side, the user must guess who to get dependency files and spend a lot of time with that. Now, dependencies are also not listed in any readme. No... a dependency list is needed. Sorry. I have enough. 2008-10-28
doodle 21 Do I have to download ALL of those mega packs if I want one of your lots? 2008-05-22
Trackman20 I guess maybe I was using Cleanitol wrong? It basically wiped out all of my downloads and I had zero options available to me in the game. 2008-04-13
MDH us mac users need to get our own act together. 2008-01-28
canadacactus Thank you for taking the time to keep the game running smoothly. 2007-09-12
wilmot And how about us Mac-users? 2007-04-13
oddball59 Thank you very much for the work that was put into this. It\'s greatly appreciated. 2007-04-10
Tora This is great! Thank you. 2007-03-01
meyvyn Very convenient. Now I can be sure that I don\'t have double files. Thanks a lot. 2007-02-28
joelevan You know what? This is a very good idea! Well done! I am of the opinion that this should somehow be integrated WITH Cleanitol. 2007-02-28
couchpotato Thank you very much. I really appreciate the effort this has taken. (And wish everyone would follow suit :) ) 2007-02-28