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Creator: BSC Upload Date: 2007-03-03
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As part of the transfer of files to the LEX we are going through the older files and updating them. This is a set of small props that were initially uploaded with the lots and also the UIs for them. The lots will be uploaded later but if you want to use the W2W Collections then you will need this file.


TonyNobo thanks 2012-09-30
RCBEG Many thanks for it 2012-09-07
sejr99999 thank you need this for Niko\'s plaza 2011-01-28
brandbrand32 thanks 2010-09-26
emmeci1970 bene 2010-04-24
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
pedroferreiralp must have this. 2008-10-08
icepeter Great ! Thank you ! 2007-06-29