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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2007-01-14
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
Views: 18769 Category: Mods - Graphics
Last Downloaded: 2023-05-28 Downloads: 17031


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A green, grassy terrain mod based loosely on Western Europe/Eastern North America. This mod changes the ground textures of the undeveloped areas of your city to give them a green, grassy appearance at lower elevations and a variety of forest floors, flowering alpine meadows, rock outcroppings, scree slopes, and snowy ravines. High mountaintops are snowcapped. In total, this mod applies approximately five times as many textures to the terrain as the unmodded game, and nearly twice as many as the Columbus Mod. Bonus Items !!!! Included with this download are two optional patches to raise or lower the snow level. If you use one of these patches be sure to use only one. Dependencies CRASH ALERT! You must download and install both of the following files before using this mod or your game will crash to the desktop when trying to open your city. CPT_No3_TerrainTextures.dat CPT_No4_TerrainTextures.dat This mod is not compatible with other terrain mods, but is compatible with custom beach textures, custom water textures, and custom cliff textures (such as PEG's or Sorchin's rock mods). Thanks to Andreas Roth for his help with the readme, and the BSC for testing and helpful suggestions, especially JMeyers, Sorchin, BarbyW, Vlakhaas, Wouanagaine, NicholaiS and anyone else I may have forgot to mention. Thanks also to Jeronij for hosting this file. P.S. The readme mentions Meadowshire Tree Controllers, but ignore that for now. (They will be released soon.)


hanzcoolz awesome 2022-01-08
benry2000 The grass is the same... Somethings wrong. But the cliff textures are there 2017-08-27
Salva1914 BEAUTIFUL !!! Thanks 2017-01-31
YINYI 911 2014-10-01
simcity.cn 2014-02-13
derpydave I\'m excited to try this out!!! :) 2014-01-27
gcxdesc thanks 2013-12-21
Olo10 Thanks nice 2013-11-18
Mister69 been looking for this everywhere, and here it is where it belongs, Yea!!! 2013-10-28
spirals The current dependency links are: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16031-cpt-no3-terraintextures/ and http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16030-cpt-no4-terraintextures/ 2012-11-29
Priyon And dependency links in the readme are outdated and not working. 2012-10-30
Priyon Put a link on those crash alert dependencies please. 2012-10-30
Commiecrusher101 This is personally my favorite terrain mod, thx man! :D 2012-10-23
qq7993201 3Q 2012-08-21
cunami80 Hi I really would like to download this but when I click on download button, I get this message Gateway Anti-Virus Alert This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: Suspicious#clickt (Trojan) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you 2012-04-30
fred wu 2011-11-06
Ludde09 No Essentials? 2011-09-23
Mulu2065 Best mod in the world, I wouldn\'t be playing the game without these beautiful flowery and lush East Coast terrains! 2011-09-15
sunfish I like it 2011-08-23
Pro4eva Issue, I can access to the regions but I can\'t access to any city (area) when this mod is installed. Does someone know how to fix it? I have the latest NAM and several other mods for NAM (by the NAM Team), does this make conflicts? 2011-07-28
Mulu2065 @ssbjsb3, PEG Brigantine Water Mod on the STEX is the best water mod for this, and just the best period. I highly recommend you download it. The textures for this terrain is just outstanding. 2011-07-20
ssbjsb3 does anyone know of a good water mod that matches this? I\'d like to know what water mod is being used in the readme pictures 2011-06-01
troxaclair This looks amazing, I can\'t believe I\'ve lived without it this long! TY!!! 2011-05-29
mccrum999 awesome, but keeps crashing when i build on the snow?! help! 2011-05-27
Bonds can\'t download..... 2011-04-20
kkkjzc can\'t download..... 2011-03-13
958517907 2010-12-10
feiry870 This is beautiful! Thank you . 2010-12-05
sted904 Thanks 2010-11-05
8208820 Thanks 2010-08-09
philosophy82 2010-07-14
joshriddle577 It ruined my game... 2010-07-01
NGConnect Excellent download... Everything with one simple click... Nice instructions... Congratulations. 2010-06-12
dhf528 2010-04-23
stormlover UPDATE: This mod is very good - if you use iLive Reader to adjust the maximum heights. (Or you can download the height increase mod from another page here.) Also, if you lower the terrain height max on the snow mod - you\'ll get lower snow. 2009-10-16
stormlover I\'ve no problem with the dependencies - but I can\'t get this mod to function properly (and it\'s near useless for snow.) Of the three terrain mods I\'ve used, this is the only one I can\'t get to work. 2009-10-16
Pioneer445 Pretty Neat 2009-06-07
echo112 looks great thanks 2009-05-18
Lilojame Thank you! 2008-12-10
jc21539 link to dependencies: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=16031&v=1 2008-11-28
Ndragonawa Where can I find CPT_No4_TerrainTextures.dat, and CPT_No3_TerrainTextures.dat? 2008-08-03
MayorToaster Wow this Meadowshire thing looks really pretty, I\'m going to give it a try in my city, thank you. 2008-04-21
jacqulina beautifull thanks 2008-02-25
cjwalter78 This looks good, but it looks similar to the Columbus Mod (just as many others have said) To download everything needed to make this mod and its features work it is a hassle. What I am trying to say is simplify it. 2007-12-30
Cityfun Incredible! 2007-11-21
gavizen This is beautiful! I absolutly love the grass and meadows and the pebble beach! This is making me homesick for germany. Just one question though? i\'m not sure where to address it... Is there a way t use this WITHOUT the snow? Its gorgious, just, its kind of in the way for my mountain town because i want to use the trail parks with the dirt and short of having to cover it all up with various lots, its looks kind of silly, like when they do snow in florida :)Thanks! 2007-11-08
lad777 dude ur are a genius...plz keep it coming with ur ideas....will u be doing project with palm trees??? 2007-10-22
High5Tower What a difference! Today I used the 3x3 plop like I was carpet bombing (Maxis oak trees). Its amazing how much thought can go into placing just one tree.thank you 2007-07-22
Pascal useful 2007-06-07
Rebs07 Just to have the grass one color, and a color that is more realistic than the one the game offers is something that will add a touch of beauty to the game. 2007-05-31
patfirefghtr TY C.P. i seen this in a MD and just had to have it was soo stunning ty 2007-04-15
GMT hm... used the search tool and didn\'t find it... anyway, now I got them and they look better than awesome together with the terrain textures. as usual wonderfull work 2007-03-29
c.p. They\'re here. Do a category search for \"Mods - General\" At the moment, you will find one on page 1 and one on page 2. 2007-03-28
GMT it\'s a wonderfull terrain mod. really love the look. BUUUT... I can\'t find the mentioned tree controller, not here, not on stex, not on plex. is there any release date declared (readme says jan) or won\'t they be released? 2007-03-28
bat56 nice, columbus is my favorit, but i will test this one!! thx for sharing. 2007-03-20
kwakelaar A the mods that changes the way the game looks dramatically, just like the Columbus mod I love this one also. 2007-01-17