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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2007-01-14
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This is one of two Mayor-mode and God-mode tree mod for the "Meadowshire" terrain mod. Like the other tree controllers in the "7a" series, it adds 34 types of forest to your mayor-mode tree menu, and changes your god-mode flora brush to plant complex forests of custom-made trees. The forests planted with this God-mode brush will have an Eastern North American/Western European look. Along the water, it plants riparian forests, and at other elevations it differs from the MeadowshireCoast flora brush slightly in order to provide some variety. Although this god-mode flora brush is designed to work best in combination with the Meadowshire Terrain Mod, no terrain mods are required. This mod is intended for the more advanced player. It may take a little work to install the mod and all its dependencies, and to remove old files. Please read the readme carefully. If you run into problems, there is a troubleshooting section in the readme.

Dependencies (links are provided in readme)
Updated Dependencies are available in the Dependency Tracker for this mod!

Special thanks to the following BATters for their wonderful tree/flower/shrub models: Jeronij, Couchpotato, Simgoober, JohnB, Dolphin66, Swi21, and Ripptide, and to Andreas Roth for his help with the readme. Also, thanks to the members of BSC for testing and feedback, especially Jmeyers who gave a lot of valuable feedback, BarbyW, Sorchin, Jeronij, Wouanagaine, Andreas Roth, Deadwoods, Simgoober, and anyone else I may have forgot to mention.


limfa installed all dependencies used cleantool still geting brown boxes... 2016-03-04
limfa Same here 2016-03-04
xlnero excuse my ignorance but I Download the mod and when I try to put a tree (any) I get a box brown 2015-03-06
Tarkus sc4devotion: That\'s actually how tree controllers work interact with the terrain settings most of the time. 2013-08-25
sc4devotion Is this bugged, few spots get trees with this mod? 2013-08-25
archean There\'s no Readme in the download. 2013-02-03
cefien that\'s a hell of dependencies just for trees...uuh, well, i still need this,.. 2012-12-17
Priyon Again, your links are outdated... 2012-10-30
12345789 that looks like a ton of dependancies 2012-03-08
a_muses Just a note for Mac users with brown box problems: when sorting out all these dependencies, you\'ll have to do a TON of renaming of BSC Props Jeronij\'s various trees. Follow the \\ marks to separate them out into separate folders. I also made sure all my .dat files were named exactly as given above. 2012-01-31
n311cmar i dont think i got a readme when i downloaded this 2011-12-23
FrancisM89 THIS. IS. AWESOME. Second best plugin coupled with Meadowshire (and I\'m a plugin junkie) behind the NAM. Words can not describe how much I love this! 2011-09-19
manuel123 Great word 2011-09-09
FourteenRocket Something is wrong with my stage 4 bluebell charrpals =( any mods that could conflict with it? 2011-08-03
schadenfreude enough dependencies o_o 2010-05-12
Alle88 I am going to try this one out, Just tried the Meadowshire terrain, and it looks great for my region after having just substituted the rock texture. 2009-06-01
Grog It\'s a great concept. Been dissatisfied with the bland treelines Will install and give feedback. I want my sims to experience a redwood forest:-) 2009-03-27
jacqulina wonderfull thanks 2008-02-25
patfirefghtr ty 2007-12-07
Crazy_Ivan80 Looks great and I can\'t wait to try it. I have noticed, however, that several of the links given in the readme appear to lead nowhere, leading to the assumption that the files are no longer on the STEX 2007-09-09
High5Tower What a great tool. Forests are now more fun to make and true looking. I\'am going to have fun with this. thank you 2007-07-22
ltrskn It is hard to describe just how beautiful this looks in my cities.... I had always wanted a mod based on something other than US West Coast flora - I thank you many times! 2007-01-26