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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-03-12
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Urban Canals Props Pack 01

This is the first collection of props for my Urban Canals set. Some lots using
these are to come soon.

These files has
been joined and compressed using Wouanagaine's Datpacker
to increase reliabilty and loading times.

File exclusively
found at Sim City 4

file has been replaced by the following Pack:

- VOL03

File updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


hjyiwzz prow 2011-04-16
ho7719 I want downloading... 2010-01-15
helton16 great 2007-10-21
Amapper Will definitely give them a try. 2007-06-21
AHA Really great ! Thanks 2007-04-11
flippymaxime super mega giga ultra cool ! very beautilfull. ( sorry for my accent i\'m french ) you\'re the king lol , it\'s good BAT 2007-03-24
ExiLe Amazing job amigo, truly the best canal set yet. :) 2007-03-22
Darmok Thanks Jeroni, great looking props amigo. 2007-03-22
joncassino NOTE: Avast! warned me a virus was detected with this file. 2007-03-21
debussyman Top of the line set of canals. Many thanks... 2007-03-19
bat56 thanks Jeronij, beautiful design!!! 2007-03-15
tcx great, thanks! 2007-03-14
kimcar Great job . they are very well done thanks . 2007-03-14
Badsim This made my day .Thank you . 2007-03-14
jacqulina beautifull work thankyou 2007-03-13
NikNik Great Volume1 2007-03-13
Serkanner I can already forsee the enormous variaty of lots to be created with these excellent new canal pieces. 2007-03-13
Mas71 Really beautiful design props Jeronij!! We can\'t wait your LOTs that using these props! 2007-03-12
EDGE4194 Oooo- I can\'t wait...yea! 2007-03-12
Ralph One thing amazing ! 2007-03-12
Nealos101 I\'m drooling Jeronji! Just drooling!! 2007-03-12
Tarkus I concur; this is awesome! Thanks! 2007-03-12
M4346 Aaaaaaaaaaah! *faints* Wow! This is sooner than I thought! Thanks Jeronij! This is really appreciated and much anticipated! *applause, applause!* :P 2007-03-12
Colyn Great stuff ... thanks. 2007-03-12
Koekie01 Next canal set is coming! I don\'t know which I must download... 2007-03-12