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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2007-01-14
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This is one of two Mayor-mode and God-mode tree mod for the "Meadowshire" terrain mod. Like the other tree controllers in the "7a" series, it adds 34 types of forest to your mayor-mode tree menu, and changes your god-mode flora brush to plant complex forests of custom-made trees. The forests planted with this God-mode brush will have an Eastern North American/Western European look. Along the water, it plants maritime forests, and at other elevations it differs from the MeadowshireRiver flora brush slightly in order to provide some variety. Although this god-mode flora brush is designed to work best in combination with the Meadowshire Terrain Mod, no terrain mods are required.
This mod is intended for the more advanced player. It may take a little work to install the mod and all its dependencies, and to remove old files. Please read the readme carefully. If you run into problems, there is a troubleshooting section in the readme.

Dependencies (links are provided in readme)
BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01.dat
BSC Props Jeronij Vol 02 Trees
BSC Props Jeronij Vol 03 Trees
BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01.dat
BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat
BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01.dat
BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01.dat
BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol02.dat
BSC MEGA Props - RT Vol01.dat
Special thanks to the following BATters for their wonderful tree/flower/shrub models: Jeronij, Couchpotato, Simgoober, JohnB, Dolphin66, Swi21, and Ripptide, and to Andreas Roth for his help with the readme. Also, thanks to the members of BSC for testing and feedback, especially Jmeyers who gave a lot of valuable feedback, BarbyW, Sorchin, Jeronij, Wouanagaine, Andreas Roth, Deadwoods, Simgoober, and anyone else I may have forgot to mention.


kinderly anyone who needs the cactus thing this link should help http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/4344-desert-flora-mod/ 2012-04-09
lamebiscuit Nostalgia going back to Sim city 4. Four years since last time. Depencies not being found so easily anymore, I\'ve been searching for JohnB-Cactus.dat file for hours now. Then I saw these comments, I hope I\'ll find it there. 2012-02-04
CahosRahneVeloza @Phlogiston: It\'s a bit tricky to find, but do a STEX Search for \"Desert Flora Mod\" & that would be it :) 2011-10-25
Phlogiston can someone post the link for JohnB-Cactus.dat ?\\r\\n\\r\\n 2011-10-20
Phlogiston can someone post the link for JohnB-Cactus.dat \\r\\n 2011-10-20
WYM0707 2009-10-25
WYM0707 Very Good 2009-10-25
Ryusuke516 most dependencies don\'t exist anymore. 2009-05-30
q-tips The links to most of the dependencies leads me nowhere. The files are removed from Simtropolis. 2009-02-07
TomFoolery looks really nice. thanks! 2008-04-29
jacqulina wonderfull thanks 2008-02-25
Jessebied soooo many dependincies =P lol Hope I find them all =P 2007-10-30
bat56 thx thx thx!!! look nice. 2007-03-20
couchpotato More trees are always a joy c.p. :) 2007-02-02