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Creator: LBT Upload Date: 2007-03-19
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LBT Prop PackContains several props and textures that will be used in various LOTs by the Latin American Bat team. ------ Prop Pack del LBT Contiene algunos props y texturas que seren utilizadas en varios Lotes hechos por el equipo de BAT latinoamericano (LBT)

This upload is obsolete and has been superseded by the LBT Mega Props vol01 v3. Please refere to that. The textures from this prop pack has been moved to the LBT Mega Textures vol01 v03. - Tyberius06


Tyberius06 As far as I know all three LBT prop packs were merged into the LBT Mega Prop Pack vol.01 (url: https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21770-lbt-mega-prop-pack-vol01/) therefore this upload is Obsolete. The Megaprop pack actually contains unique props for a so called LBT Prop pack 4. 2018-09-03
sejr99999 thank you I hope this is the one I was missing 2015-09-04
vidud thank you...GBU 2011-11-18
Ioseph Thanks 2011-10-15
Ariel Muchas gracias! 2011-10-01
chingao_re excelente prop muy bueno ya me sirvio para las zonas en que me faltaba la dependencia gracias y bn prop 2011-07-09
fabbam thanks m 2011-03-24
Zeratai is this included in the lbt mega prop pack? 2011-01-28
roe99 thank you very much, thank you very much for this 2010-11-10
Gunmondostir tanks so much 2010-06-24
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
rekeops Al fin algo para latinizar las ciudades!! nos hacia falta! gracias 2008-02-17
patfirefghtr ty ty ty 2007-10-23
novice esta muy bueno mi hermano 2007-08-25
homeandaway very nice!, shall download it now! ~AleX~ 2007-04-12
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2007-03-20
oyd i never say no to new props..... thank u... 2007-03-20