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Creator: xannepan Upload Date: 2007-03-24
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
This file is a slightly modified version of the previous BSC MEGA Props - JENX Vol01.dat which was available at Simtropolis. The only difference between this file and the old one, is that all the files from the old BSCBATProps_JENX_Vol01 have been taken out, and put into BSCBATProps JENX Vol02.dat, also available here on the LEX. The reason for this is that the maximum upload size here is 10MB, and the previous file was bigger than this. If you have both BSC MEGA Props - JENX Vol01.dat and BSCBATProps JENX Vol02.dat already, there is NO NEED for you to download this file. The following xannepan buildingprops have been merged into this one dat. Before installing this pack please search for and remove the following from your system. We recommend making a back up of your plugins folder first and storing the removed files away from the SC4 folders. Or, of course, you could use the Cleanitol file to do the work for you! bsc_BAT_Paris_JENX_Vol01a.dat bsc_BAT_Paris_JENX_Vol01b.dat bsc_BAT_Paris_JENX_Vol01c.dat BSCBATProps_JENXParisCorner1_Vol01.dat BSCBATProps_JENXParisCorner1_Vol02.dat BSCBATProps_JENXParisRow_Vol01.dat There are no new models or props in this dat.


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