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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2007-03-25
Last Update: 2022-06-23 File Type: Props
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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
Contains tree models for use with various lots and tree mods. These are exactly the same files that were released on the STEX in April, 2005. So if you downloaded them before, you're all set, and don't need to download again. There are no dependencies. (These files are themselves dependencies for other lots and mods.) No mods are included with these files. They contain models only. The files included are: CPT_No8_TreeModelsPartOne.dat and CPT_No9_TreeModelsPartTwo.dat


Nobo50 These trees will make my "world" a lot greener :-) 2020-11-28
cronop44 Thanks 2017-09-01
simcity15 won't work for mac users. i can't get it to extract the files with keka or unachiever. please help i wanna be able to use this props 2015-06-23
Disasterjunkie thank you again. 2014-03-15
EstRus-TV-Poklonnik Thank you! 2013-08-23
Terring7 My cities are boring without this mod ;-) 2013-08-13
jaredtreasurehodge Dependencies, you hate them, but you need them so much. 2012-12-09
diego00alpha Thanks 2012-07-19
TonyNobo this dependency was missing in my directory for a while, this helps me out a lot!! 2012-02-21
apesfiu thanks 2012-02-08
dazniniel Muchas Gracias !!!! 2011-12-21
sejr99999 thank you I am sure to enjoy these 2011-03-17
Jorge_carrillo It seems that I am having problems of instalation with windows 7. Are you aware of any problem related to this? 2011-03-15
leodex ty vm 2010-10-23
caleb19 Thanks 2009-03-12
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
Lilojame I loveeeeeee these trees! Thank you so very much! 2008-12-19
pedroferreiralp Thank you so much for everything. 2008-10-09
skybuilder110 can u cut them down an make paper plz 2008-10-07
JPlumbley These were a big part of the NHP Modular Golf Pack that is coming out soon! C.P. Awesome work I cant say anymore about these trees. 2007-03-27