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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
New Horizons Productions

NHP Querry Interfaces(UI)
Entire Team.

This is a Dependency package for NHP lots

This is the UI(User Interfaces) Querries for all of the known lot types for NHP products. It is going to be a dependency formost if not all NHP lots and updated lots. This will be used to identify NHP produced lots/BATs in game. Also only NHP exclusive lots should have these UIs. If alot has this logo and is notbased on an NHP BAT please inform NHP through email or our threads or the administrator of the website you find the lot.

Contact NHP on the boards at SC4D and ST

Offical NHP support/tech issues threads
NHP Tech Issues

NHP Troubleshooting

SC4Devotion NHP trouble shooting

SC4Devotion NHP tech issues

Need to get in touch with NHP? Contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.


1. Extract the file NHPUI to the folder plugins\NHP in your simcity4 plugins folder. Other folders are ok its just a recomended folder so that you know where it is and it remains easy to find.

2. move the readme to a convient location or delete.


The instace range used is e90xxxxx from 00 to 45 in Hex The range may have some problems with conflict but after contacing barbyw it is anticipated that there should be no reason for a conflict in UIs.

Any comments and feedback welcomed. Thanks for looking and enjoy.

EDIT: Updated to include the CAM Custom Querries for the NHP Team. Thank you for your patience.


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