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Creator: ilive Upload Date: 2007-04-05
Last Update: 2018-05-23 File Type: Tools - Developer
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Ilive's Reader is a complex and powerful SC4 files editor. A must have if you are interested in modding this game.

Reuploaded without installer on 22 May 2018.  This is Version 0.9.3--the in-development Version 1.x series can be found here.


Tarkus makar0niasty: Norton/Symantec has had a tendency in recent years to flag things as viruses not because of any actual threat, but simply because they're little-downloaded executables from non-commercial gaming fansites--see all the "WS.Reputation.1" and "Trojan.GEN.2" flags that have been reported over the years, which, per Symantec's definitions, aren't even actual threats. The Rontokbro/Brontok worm flagging is a relatively new thing, and while it's likely a false positive on the installer (the actual program itself comes up clean when scanning with Norton Security on my system), I've gone ahead and swapped out the installer for a .zip file of Version 0.9.3 (which, even with the later versions out there, is still used by many modders today). 2018-05-23
makar0niasty Definitely infected - comes up as W32.Rontokbro@mm - a mass-mailing worm. (Symantec Endpoint).<br /> Go for a newer version here http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10417.0 2018-05-22
Tarkus Just scanned it with Norton Internet Security, with LiveUpdate run just 32 minutes ago. There is no Trojan. 2015-05-29
gelki Artemis trojan inside your file. 2015-05-28
bamani71 Hi, this is showing a virus, is there an alternate download location? 2013-11-20
rej999 Where can I get support for this reader. I have downloaded and installed it, downloaded the properties.xml file from simtropolis and pointed the reader to that, but whenever I try to load a dat file it says \"no exemplar found.\" 2012-01-09
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-11
hoss48458 thanks 2011-11-01
Ioseph Thanks for sharing it. 2011-09-15
Enlighthell When I extract it with WinRar it doesnt work 2011-03-22
thegiant27 Thank you. I like creating textures. 5/5 2011-03-12
accecera60 ] 2011-01-16
sejr99999 thank you hope to someday learn how to use this 2010-11-06
joshriddle577 I could use this. Thanks. 2010-10-14
plai thanks 2010-02-15
Biwdc Great-I was wonder where this tool went as it vanished from simtropolis. 2010-02-04
Mazzel GET STARTED: -Go to installed folder (c:/progs/ilive/ and locate exe file. Create shortcut and put that one in startmenu or desktop. Now you have easier access. -Default settings folders aren\'t correct, you\'ll get \"missing file\" message. Go to options, browse to pointed files and folders manually. 2010-01-31
CityDog17 Have done some design work in real world with Bentley Microstation, AutoCad, Autodesk Inventor, and SolidWorks on top of recent IT work and Robot programming. Hope this will build new skills while having fun too. (How many hrs. per week does the \"average\" geek spend at the computer?) 2009-12-26
tobyhudgins www.simtropolis.com has a copy of \"Properties.xml\". Go to \'ST EXCHANGE\', scroll down until you see the \'All Categories\' drop down menu on the left, then select Programs. The file is listed down towards the end of the web page. 2009-11-30
Lugnuts25 how do I get the \"Properties.xml\"? 2009-09-29
sameul hey how do you open it????? 2009-05-05
soccerboi22 I dont know how to open it....? 2008-11-28
patfirefghtr ty so much in having thie here 2007-05-23
jeronij 2007-04-06
comptongb Was permission granted to upload this here? Because I have seen this tool on ST and no where else. Besides that thanks for redistributing it here. 2007-04-05
Silur Thanks for ever - this is one of greatest tools created for SC4 - without this SC$ = only SC4 !!! 2007-04-05