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Creator: ilive Upload Date: 2007-04-05
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Ilives LEProp allows you to easily modify your lots. Includes the abbility to add custom icons and descriptions. Allows to change the menus where you want to show your lots. And many many more interesting features, which will make lot makers life more easy.


sejr99999 this has enabled me to use previously unusable content by modifying plop costs, extreme pollution levels, query sounds and also being able to add queries where none existed before very essential tool thank you also its very easy to use 2017-05-11
rizameong terimakasih 2013-09-23
sytic been looking for this kind of tool for awhile and finally found something that is almost all of what i need not just a small part.of course I will use this on a test city before I use it on one that I\'m more serious with just in case there are undesirable after effects such as high garbage/pollution/crime/??.It\'s something I\'ve learned to do with new stuff that alters(old school) game play/lots/ect. 2013-06-20
jd_rocker13 I added air and water cleaning capabilities to a plop-able landmark using negative values in the air and water pollution fields. After saving my changes, the landmark had no effect on the environment. I demolished it from my city so I could re-install it before plopping it back in it\'s original place. As soon as I started my game back up, my air and water pollution levels were off the chart. My query map was completely red in both cases! I fear I\'ve lost my city because I can\'t get it back to the level it was at before. 2013-03-03
TonyNobo This will help me out a lot!!!! Thanks 2012-09-15
ozwox Thank you ;) 2012-03-29
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
Ioseph Thanks, very useful 2011-09-22
sejr99999 thank you can\'t wait to try this 2010-11-06
thingfishs a brilliant tool, much appreciated - thankyou!! 2010-05-23
caspervg This application is excellent! Good work. 2009-09-28
Soapman This program is a lifesaver! I\'m so glad I came upon this. Thank you so much for the app. 2008-11-13
rkdtksdlsla Thank you ! :) 2008-09-03
patfirefghtr TY BSC Custodian for having this here as well 2007-05-14
c.p. Thanks BSC Custodian. This looks like it will be very useful. 2007-04-29
jeronij Links to help and support threads in the installer License Agreement.... ;) 2007-04-05
Aleksander can you please give a little more infomation on it ok 2007-04-05
Silur I like and I need all your tools - Thank you ! 2007-04-05