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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2007-04-06
Last Update: 2019-03-19 File Type: Realistic
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An accurately scaled map of Grand Canyon, Arizona. Made using 16-bit technology to preserve as much detail as possible. Map size is 36km x 40km. SC4Mapper program (by Wouanagaine) is required. (Available here on the LEX -- do a search for Wouanagaine). Instructions for getting the map into the game are in the readme. The region contains 2 rivers: the Colorado, which makes a gradual 90 degree turn through the region, and the Little Colorado, whch branches off the main Colorado near the right edge of the map. The land outside the canyon is mostly flat to rolling, making for easy city development. The land in the canyon contains some plateaus and flattish areas along with a lot of very steep slopes, cliffs and a variety of other land formations. Transportation networks inside the canyon will be extremely challenging to build, but not impossible. There are a lot of challenging, but very interesting city sites in the canyon. For a terrain mod that works especially well with this terrain, search the LEX for "c.p." and then step through the pages if necessary to find the the Grand Canyon Terrain Mod, which was made especially for this map.

UPDATE March, 2019: Re-uploaded with new .SC4M file that is more compatible with SC4 Mapper 2013.  Also, included topographic map of the region, for printing out, or for whatever use people might have for it.


AAAABattery 2011-11-18
c.p. Hmm, all I can think of is run it through SC4Mapper again. 2007-06-20
prkrsmth i removed all previous ground texture and rock mods and it still crashes on me? more tips? 2007-06-19
prkrsmth it crashes my sim city4 when i try to start a new city on one of the tiles...help please??? 2007-06-19
c.p. Hmm, it\'s possible you may have to use a different terrain mod than whatever one you are using. Some of the terrain is pretty high (2000 meters?) and there may be a few terrain mods that can\'t handle that height without crashing. 2007-06-19
prkrsmth sim city crashes when i try to start a new city on one of the maps in the region? help please? 2007-06-19
flame1396 hmm.... well it got me convinced to download a terrain mod. thats a good compliment 2007-05-13
mattb325 Wow. This is incredible. 2007-04-06
jeronij Spectacular. Simply Spectacular !!!My favourite map ever. 2007-04-06
Shadow Assassin zOMG! I LOVE IT! 2007-04-06