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Creator: BSC Custodian Upload Date: 2007-04-08
Last Update: 2021-12-25 File Type: Props
Views: 10281 Category: Dependency - Props
Last Downloaded: 2022-10-03 Downloads: 31837


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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP
A third set of building models and props from Cobb32118. There are no new models in this pack. Please remove the files listed in the RemoveList enclosed in the zip before installing this file or use BSC Cleanitol TM to do the work for you.


ZoSo925 I decided not to use Cleanitol because it removes things that should not be removed. Barbyw has ton of things removed on her list and even for same item that is downloaded..... 2021-11-03
Tarkus Queengothdoll: One thing to consider is that this file is 10 years old, having been uploaded in April 2007. Back then, there were still quite a number of people using dial-up connections, and bandwidth was considerably more expensive, so all the major SC4 file exchanges had 10MB caps for most uploads. Between that and the re-use of assets by creators, the dependency system was a necessary evil. There have been discussions about repackaging things further, not only to take advantage of the better internet infrastructure of 2017, but to make files more accessible and help keep this community going. But the difficulty of finding enough time, and a large enough group of volunteers with the necessary skills, has really prevented any efforts of that type from getting off the ground. 2017-04-30
Queengothdoll Is there a reason why an author cannot include all props needed to make the mod work with his download? 2017-04-30
Homie Lamar just keeping track of all downloaded dependencies. 2016-03-07
leminh12 I love it too freaking much, thanks alot!!! 2015-10-28
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