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Creator: Caliban Upload Date: 2007-04-15
Last Update: Never File Type: Tools - Developer
Views: 6653 Category: Models - gMax
Last Downloaded: 2023-02-19 Downloads: 1619


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Replacement for the Maxis gmax CameraLightRigHuge with fixed lighting/shadow casting. Image shows a comparison on One Canada Square (model courtesy of emergentfungus)


Xyloxadoria Really helpful download. I had to re-install BAT today due to a error, and i noticed a big difference without this, so im here for it again. 2009-08-14
ngeeves I know that Ill Tonkso over at simtrop has a One Canada Square if thats what you\'re looking for.. 2007-08-05
hnry602 where can we find the original BAT? 2007-05-31
Glenni Good, now i have a valuable source to get it when i need it, rather than searching everywhere on forums for it getting answers like \" You mean sc4 tool?\" XD 2007-04-16