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Didn't you ask yourself once how you actually get rid of the garbage that is moved to another city when you start a neighborhood deal? Well, here's the answer: A shipping yard with loading area, where the garbage is filled in cars that are picked up by trains every day. This lot does not only give you a nice visual feedback for your neighborhood deals, but also reduces the amount of garbage in your city. On the one hand, it works like a recycling center and therefore reduces the overall garbage production, and on the other hand, it works like the waste-to-energy plant internally, but without the heavy pollution this facility emits. Note: You can use this lot independant of an actual neighborhood deal - esp. in smaller cities - which makes it a good alternative to the default landfill.

Dependencies (see readme file for links)

- SFBT Essentials

- Train Car Props by gizmo28
- bldgprop_vol2.dat by Maxis
- PEG Refuse Relocation Kit (optional)


Tyberius06 @roguegopher: try these ones: http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/props-und-texturen/props/file/415-fahrzeug-props-von-gizmo28 2021-12-28
roguegopher I've downloaded all of the Gizmo Train Props on SC4D. Unfortunately, the train is still missing from the depot. Everything else works though and it is still a nice feature. 2021-12-27
alegrekoala awesome add wish i can get a building similar to Varick transfer station in brooklyn, NY but your is similar. 2015-11-04
FerC It\'s a good idea, nice job! 2012-02-09
Cierzo gizmo28\'s Train Car Props can be found here: http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/details.php?file=274 2011-03-14
kdog3055 An excellent idea. It saves money on landfills and reduces pollution. I have one in every city or town with a rail line. This is a \"must have\" that keeps you from having to deal with trash problems during the game. 2011-01-12
Abilio1 Where is readme file?? Where are the dependencies? 2010-05-17
ricardogtc merci 2010-05-13
ferrizss very nice 2009-08-16
Cougar2004 No way to obtain train car prop dependancies. Bad link. 2009-07-04
Sotireus nice! 2009-02-24
TheQueenOfRain 5 2008-12-06
thailovesc4 Great ! Thank you ! 2008-10-30
Popball Pretty neat 2008-10-25