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High-enthalpy wind tunnels are used for the measurement of the aerodynamical behaviour of spaceships during the re-entry in the atmosphere. For the wind tunnel experiment, a piston builds up a high pressure that is supposed to burst a metallic plate with a predetermined breaking point. Due to the shape of the wind tunnel, the shockwave that is created when the plate bursts is transformed into a uniform stream. When this shockwave reaches the model of the spaceship, it is possible to run a laser measurement for the tenth part of a second in order to study the aerodynamics.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials

- BSC Textures Vol. 1


bluedragyn1 nice adds more look to my industry 2012-06-17
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Ioseph Thanks, it looks great. 2011-08-15
sejr99999 thank you an excellent addition to industry 2010-12-06
jokin cool thing! 2010-02-12
Triden007 Good, you know, race cars use this kind of things, to test the spoilers, the design, to have less resistance to the wind, to cut the wind and run like a drag. 2009-11-17
Sotireus very creative, downloading now!! 2009-03-30
nerdly_dood Interesting explanation of exactly what kind of a wind tunnel this is. I like it! 2008-05-31
mrbarham very cool! 2007-07-02