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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-05-04
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These oil storage tanks are based on one of the very first BATs by Mathe Man. Now they were reworked for a SFBT release. The download contains seven different oil storage tank models that can be installed together or each on its own. Only the DATs that are installed will show up on the lots. Apart from a 3x3 growable I-M version there are also two ploppable lots included. They can be found in the water transit menu, since these storage tanks are very common in seaport districts. Other than the growables, they don't provide any jobs, but the rest of the values are similar.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials

- BSC Textures Vol. 1


leodex ty 2010-10-19
bap Oil storage tanks are indeed veru useful for harbors are there are not many of them available (not large ones). Thanks! 2009-05-09
Sotireus nice work! 2009-03-30
jalaap great for my harbour! tnx! 2007-12-04
Silur Great work - very attractive ... It\'s for me ... Thanks for your great works ! 2007-05-05