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a long time ago (somewhere in 2004) I wrote the first version of this tutorial. Since then it has (imho) stood the decay of time pretty well, but in honor of the new SC4Devotion exchange I decided to dust it off a little here and there and release it in the more generic .pdf format (the original was released in .doc).

This tutorial got a lot of well-known developers started with UI editing, so if you're a novice modder with some experience looking for a little more, you've come to the right place (or should I say link?).


BonafideTactician Thank you its 1 of my favorite things to do is create fancy queries for content creators who ask including paeng and a couple nam team members 2015-12-08
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
sejr99999 I hope to use this someday thank you 2010-01-02
ryandl How do you use it? 2009-10-03
patfirefghtr thank you now that im lotting this is sooo very useful thank you so much for this 2007-05-23
Serkanner It is an invaluable document for every self respecting modder. Thank you very much! 2007-04-12
barbyw Thanks for the dusting off, Daeley. I found this invaluable in its original format 2007-01-30
moganite Just what i have been looking for thankyou very much :) 2007-01-22
sam Thank you for posting this Daeley, I use the original a lot. Thanks for the updated version. 2007-01-19
jeronij Daeley, you are very kind for posting this updated version. It is reall appreciated ;-D 2007-01-17
jestarr I\'ve used this alot and it\'s helped a bunch. Thanks. 2007-01-16