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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-05-08
Last Update: 2009-04-13 File Type: Plop
Views: 7453 Category: Parks
Last Downloaded: 2022-05-06 Downloads: 4048


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Like the SFBT Park Set by Andreas, this download contains a set of red park trails, covered with brick gravel, like it is common in lower wealth areas. The textures have been adapted to low wealth lots, and in order to prevent the low wealth development from upgrading, these lots don't have any park and landmark effects. They do clean the air, though, like any other park, and they also come with a small demand cap relief. The set contains straight and diagonal paths, as well as some curves, to allow a variety of different parks. There are also two diagonal fillers which can be used to cover the jagged edges that are caused by diagonal roads and avenues. The path lots are using my new alignment props that show up during the placement of the lots, and then disappear forever. All lots feature a new query window, which shows the wealth of the park lots.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- SFBT Essentials

Update 2009/04/13: Updated to fix texture problem.


kandi17 Merci ♥ 2013-09-10
io_bg I\'ve got the same problem with the straight path! Please help! 2008-06-27
The Big Z When I plop them, the straight path is a railroad tile...any idea what\'s conflicting? 2008-03-30
bblubb For me this is THE park set. No icing but like all the real parks next door. 2007-09-26
jacqulina thankyou great work 2007-05-09