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Annenstraße 6 (the left building on the picture) was built on the site of an older building, presumably destroyed during air raids. I think it's one of the ugliest buildings in the street, and am very pleased I can't see it from my window here. But I suppose I should be careful with my description here, because friends of friends used to live in this house. ;-) I had planned on doing almost every house in the street, so I had to start somewhere, and it's not as if I had to go far for the photos. :-)

The building on the right side of the screenshot is Annenstraße 21-13. Annenstraße is a relatively quiet side street in St.Pauli, running parallel to the St. Pauli Stadium, home of the cult soccer team of the same name. On one side it opens onto Detlev-Bremer-Straße (leading to the infamous Reeprbahn), on the other to Paulinenplatz, a small park and play area.This is one of my favourite buildings in the street, and one of the tallest on the narrow tree lined street, which has a bit of everything architecturely, from 50's and 60's W2W tenements (see Annenstrasse 6) to small W2W "english style" schicky-mickey houses.On the corner stood the old Hospice for the Heiligen Geistfeld, which was torn down around 1810, but the cellars are still under the newer Gründerzeit style houses that replaced it. Today the corner is occupied by the first version of the scene bar, "Zoes".

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sejr99999 thank you good bldgs and like the history 2011-05-08
Nealos101 Andreas... The building on the left is ugly but I\'m downloading it anyway becuase you made it and I respect your work! Good going! 2007-05-31
Serkanner Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-) ... However ugly a building might look, its just like a person. The beauty is on the inside. Thank you for creating and sharing your work. 2007-05-18