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Creator: kwakelaar Upload Date: 2007-05-31
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
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A set of 20 growable CS$$4 lots with sizes from 1x2 to 3x3. The buildings are made in a style that you can find in different Central European towns and villages. These ones are inspired by pictures I have seen from the towns of Biberach, Calw, Bietigheim and Bretten, although none of these bats are exact replicas.
Many thanks to the BSC especially Barby and Villav for all help to make the lots and get everything ready for the LEX.
BSC MEGA Props - KWK Vol02
BSC MEGA Props - KWK Vol03
CSX MEGA Props - Vol06
BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol02
BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01
BSC Textures Vol 01
BSC Textures Vol 02
BSC Essentials


Tarkus AsimPika3172: There's a fairly sizable backlog of older files that were missed by both the automated script and previous manual efforts. We do plan to cover them, though RL has been getting in the way for many of us. 2017-04-23
AsimPika3172 Can you please add links to dependencies when message say "This upload does not support the dependency tracker yet"? 2017-04-22
themaroonday Looks Great! Just going to have to find the dependencies though. 2013-09-08
sejr99999 thank you excellent prop usage and very useful lots 2012-11-14
titit007 i\'m waiting for the residential version :) 2012-04-09
coffeejack excellent work but i too am having a problem getting them to show up. euro set, right? is everyone else getting them to grow? what am i doing wrong? 2010-08-27
Fiddleio Too many dependencies...Would take half an hour to install all those 2009-05-23
Fatsuhono I am upset that you did not link to dependencies... But still a very nice BATs! 2008-12-06
Giorgos Very nice...a bit heavy on dependencies though. 2007-07-19
DSO_2.0 Awsome lots, makes me feel i\'m in Germany. 2007-06-26
Schulmanator These have been resisting my having them grow. Have you thought about a ploppable version? I am deprived right now of their greatness! 2007-06-26
sebes Prachtig Gjermund! 2007-06-16
Glenni Also look like some in norwegian towns:) 2007-06-03
mattb325 These are very beautiful. Thanks kwakelaar, villav and barbyw - it\'s a great set 2007-05-31
Schulmanator I was just thinking yesterday about how desperately I wanted to see these released.... my dream has come true! 2007-05-31
kimcar Very great set . Thanks a lot 2007-05-31
Vario Wonderful, this will come quite in handy for every european styled city! 2007-05-31
debussyman Terrific job you all, this certainly fills a big gap on the old euro settings. 2007-05-31
yoder7652 simply wonderful...great work on the lotting Villav! 2007-05-31