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Creator: NAM Team Upload Date: 2007-06-01
Last Update: 2011-09-15 File Type: NAM Core Files
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Last Downloaded: 2013-05-23 Downloads: 67609


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This file has been locked, as future updates will be in the form of full NAM updates. You can pick up the latest NAM release here .

We will not be unlocking this file, as it is no longer needed. Its continued presence is mainly to redirect users who may have followed links from elsewhere toward the integrated NAM.


dona123456789 good 2020-03-11
forlifeza thx 2016-08-03
yagudinfans thank you!!!! 2013-09-10
yagudinfans thank you!!!! 2013-09-10
dynadyna very good 2013-05-20
1214987928 GOGO 2013-03-01
ahem thx 2013-02-05
-oscar- OHHHH 2013-01-23
axelb55 merci pour se site 2013-01-21
preakasu thx 2013-01-12
Waranarchie Why to the download locked ? 2013-01-12
eisska thank you ! 2013-01-05
eisska thank you ! 2013-01-05
alan03 2013-01-02
kaikangs You guys rock... DRAGABLE tram lines... i am in heaven... 2012-12-23
kaikangs thx ja 2012-12-23
khavatrri 2012-12-19
kiloto thank you for the mods 2012-12-15
kiloto 2012-12-15
Paulad thanks 2012-12-10
Paulad thanks 2012-12-10
Baltringue thanks 2012-11-28
sentinelle13fr GJ!! 2012-11-23
Phoenix93300 thx 2012-10-27
PIYOHIKO thanks 2012-10-12
NAM Team Because the file\'s outdated, and we don\'t want people downloading outdated files, but we want people to be able to find the correct package (the Hotfix). 2012-10-12
aquillaya Why did you take down the download link? 2012-10-11
a231six good 2012-10-07
purui1987 Thank you very much 2012-09-29
purui1987 非常感谢 2012-09-29
Cill Great Thank you 2012-08-18
yamaphaoge awsome 2012-08-09
vegeta60510 sa tue merci 2012-08-07
vegeta60510 very nice 2012-08-07
sebastienz73 thks 2012-08-05
zantonin cool 2012-08-02
jazzytof51 Amazing !!! 2012-07-29
NAM Team alexmyerjaffa12: You don\'t download it. The NAM Hotfix replaces this file. 2012-07-05
alexmyerjaffa12 HOW DO I DOWNLOAD IT!? 2012-07-04
yushiwuyu THX 2012-05-31
eatmysheet aww great 2012-04-25
zatarius 105 2012-04-14
zatarius 105 2012-04-14
jhosfs kmkmk 2012-04-11
NAM Team pieman101: What else is there to make? We\'ve covered pretty much everything--and anything else left to cover will be covered by expansions to those existing mods. 2012-03-21
pieman101 Hi NAM team can you tell me if your going to make more road mods like NAM,RWM,RHM,SAM,or RAM because I like those mods. So please, can you guys make a new mod for mac Os because Id really like that. 2012-03-20
daweirk thanks~~the mod is good 2012-03-19
pieman101 Can you guys make another mod that has more new types of roads for mac because i have NAM,RHW,and NWM 2012-03-18
NAM Team pieman101: Technically, no, at present. But despite the name \"essential\", you do NOT need this file at present, as everything in it is already included in the NAM Mac version. 2012-03-17
pieman101 do you have this for mac OS 2012-03-16
Reeples Great Job 2012-03-10
einfinityend Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2012-03-03
kmadz2012 great, ty :) 2012-02-16
tjg67 Great addition - would like to add alleys and other inner city features. 2011-12-18
kaliwoot thks a lot 2011-11-20
Tarkus abrapunk: There is no separate Mac version, but if you read the file description, you\'d have noticed that NAM Essentials contains files already contained in NAM Version 30, and as such, you do NOT need to download it. 2011-11-19
Vagner1234 nice 2011-11-17
abrapunk Looking for a MAC version :S? 2011-11-11
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
fangio057 merci 2011-10-22
NoeyiizZ .00ihk 2011-10-11
Lagaffe YEsss :) 2011-09-07
chingao_re :D good joob... 2011-08-02
fonu thanks 2011-07-05
zelko Thanks! 2011-06-19
elpetermb Thanks!!! NAM team rocks 2011-06-16
GoldDust what is the difference from this NAM and the Basic NAM? please advise - newbi 2011-05-21
kimzie Thank you guys!! 2011-05-18
kimzie Thank you guys!! 2011-05-18
bedro thank 2011-05-08
wangbiliao thank 2011-03-27
16ajmain Nice! Love it! 2011-03-18
16ajmain Nice! Love it! 2011-03-18
RedBud THX GUYS!!! BLeSS 2011-03-11
AlbW thanks 2011-03-03
baramdolly thanks! 2011-02-27
dionderelior Para Comunidade Brasileira OTIMOOOOOO 2011-02-26
DrFlex Although I very much enjoy the various transportation add-ons, the sensitivity to the game, esp. using the query icon which causes the updated Sim City 4 to quit suddenly, is a rather large trade-off. 2011-01-31
Josemargates Very good .. it is more beautiful ... congratulations 2011-01-24
Henry123 2011-01-14
Henry123 .. 2011-01-14
Ashik82 This is good but I couldn\'t find high speed train station and tram stops. 2011-01-06
leodex ty vm 2010-11-01
idle_wang NICE 3Q 2010-10-26
ejcalaska This is great!!! 2010-10-22
kknd - 2010-10-15
Benkiu HEy 2010-10-03
Rebs07 Nice sweet and totally awesome. thank you very much 2010-09-26
princeworld Is the link dead ? 2010-08-27
Mortimer thanks 2010-08-17
Ghost123456 Good,love U so much!!! 2010-08-16
Aldini10 UPDATE! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!! 2010-08-15
eliasrocha very good thanks... 2010-07-24
rjamesp THANKS!! i am so happy that the simcity community is still alive and active!!! :)) i love simcity! 2010-07-10
joshriddle577 Good! Now I can have the 2009 and 2010 NAM 2010-06-23
olegario39 @ camtheman499: it crashes because i think that you hovered the puzzle piece into a transit-enabled lot. just be careful not to. its a bug that can never be fixed. 2010-06-15
joy17 thank you! 2010-06-14
jjanggukin updated!!! 2010-05-11
nevao Real good work. Tanks 2010-04-19
waygate1987 i love you guys 2010-04-17
HunEthnic i was hope for wider avenue 2010-04-09
magicman580 THANK U NAM TEAM! 2010-03-19
thsumi Thanks! 2010-03-14
Rebs07 I just can\'t live without it. Thank you. 2010-03-11
will0208 thanks for the file! really good job 2010-03-09
lalutvpm This mod gives a very realistic beauty to the city.....thansk for the update...!! 2010-02-05
anthem-bercut thanks!! 2010-01-30
skysun Thanks!!! 2010-01-19
Snitchie Awesome! Thanks alot for making this! 2010-01-11
plai i like it 2009-12-29
hyoung July?...Hmm... I have June 2009 version. ??? 2009-12-27
palmtown thank you very much !! :DD 2009-12-26
cainx82 Greeeaaaatt!!!! thanks guy\'s!!!! you have saved my SC4!!! XD 2009-10-11
puresimcity Great work all! 2009-10-11
Lelouch86 Thanks ...That\'s good =D 2009-10-05
ne0n I like traffic addons, mods,... It makes cities more realistic. Great work guys. 2009-10-04
hzf728 VERY GOOD 2009-09-26
feechia It\'s very kind of you 2009-09-25
HelloCity I don\'t want to miss this part for lastest NAM version, great 2009-09-10
roundeye721 I dont know about everyone else who downloads this NAM but for some reason it doesn\'t seem to be working right...im not able to connect any of the roads to the original roads in the game and some of the other stuff i cant quite figure out.... anyone got any ideas????? 2009-09-02
Kienzle lol tkz 2009-08-16
exupheros thank you!! 2009-08-15
ton_kab great 2009-08-04
pokestik Thank...You! 2009-07-05
The.M just downloaded it and saved it in the plugin file in the sim city 4 documents, not sure if this is what u do but it isnt working so im guessing it isnt, any help on what to do? 2009-07-02
Chivaman thanks dudes :D 2009-06-27
Drewbird hey im brand new to this and i just downloded the NAM but i have no idea what to do :( can someone help me??????? much appriciated 2009-06-25
FrankvU As fantastic as always, Thanks! 2009-06-22
Gringamuyloca where\'s the readme? 2009-06-09
michael13579 What it this? 2009-06-07
Wiseman Absolutely recommended! 2009-05-05
potemkin \"read the included README_FIRST document\" .... there is no such document in the April 2009 version 2009-05-04
oldfashion2001 tremendous great 2009-04-29
Maelin Aargh, no readme. Trying to work out how to install the NAM is a horrible mess of different websites with different versions of the file and no goddamn documentation. Fix it up, guys! 2009-04-22
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
joeymozzer hello there im new to this whole thing, where can i find the MAC version? 2009-04-01
S>S Thanks!Good job! 2009-03-25
struckar Where is the readme? 2009-03-12
grbac serpe23, no you shouldn\'t worry, if you do DL, you\'ll see that there is a March09 version inside the zip. Thanks for update 2009-03-08
serpe23 When I try to download this, the .zip file name says it\'s from June 2007. Should I be concerned about this should I ignorit or is it an error in the website? Thanks you 2009-03-07
Madmartigan When I put only this addon it works fine but when I put other plugins railroad and subway works very slow when I build. It takes ages to put one track of railroad. I tried to find out what plugin is bothering this but I found out that when you have more and more plugins it works more and more slower. Any ideas? 2009-02-16
Herdervriend GREAT:D 2009-02-14
mafukw Thanks 2009-02-12
Theirishnintendonerd nice 2009-01-22
sll129 perfect! 2009-01-19
Herdervriend The new update:D Awesome downloading:D 2009-01-18
Daderic It\'s great to see the new NAM released. Must the 2008 version be uninstalled? What features does this have in comparison? EG, 6 lane avenues? Have I missed something? I\'m not technically minded with things like RUL and INI files. Please provide more info in terms that we can understand. Thanks. 2009-01-16
SimNation NAM JAN 09 Celebration! 2009-01-14
Dirty-d Thanks guys been looking for something like this for a while!! 2008-12-13
MANIACAVE thanks!!!! 2008-11-25
meyvyn Thanks 2008-11-03
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
thailovesc4 VERY GOOD !!! 2008-10-30
lipti Thanks. 2008-10-29
camtheman499 Great but.... The elevated rail above road always crashes my game if I try to use it 2008-10-19
Rand like man i got this off of Simtropilis and its cool but ill get this one 2008-09-30
Herdervriend TNX! 2008-09-22
piou130 merki 2008-07-11
piou130 merki 2008-07-11
kalokwong thanks!!!! 2008-06-23
kmj0352 thanks 2008-06-04
sc4de im new here and this is like the coolest nam eva 2008-05-29
gking is this superceeded by NAM april 08? 2008-05-05
jacqulina wonderfull 2008-04-27
ytk825 Very Good! 2008-04-26
Cosmic10065 Awesome. I was just wondering about if there was supposed to be a new Essentials file here, and here it is! Great job! 2008-04-25
sourdeaux When will the 6-lane avenue be available? 2008-04-25
sourdeaux Is this an update or should the previous version be disintalled first to install it? 2008-04-25
Swamper77 The files have been updated. The LEX just overwrites the zip file that is on the server with the new files, so it still says June in the Filename. 2008-04-24
RebaLynnTS I just downloaded the new version,but the file name still says june 07? 2008-04-24
iifjhy GOOGOGOOOD! 2008-04-12
pqlala very good 2008-02-29
wmh I\'m new to the mods of Sim City 4 and I\'d like to thank you for your efforts to make the game better for the community. Peace :) 2008-02-10
yamaki1350 aoudhuq 2008-01-03
shinshin thanks! 2007-12-29
dekochibitarokiro VERY GOOD !!! 2007-12-23
manicup VERY GOOD !!! 2007-12-02
Zahoron Great! 2007-10-15
thsatticus216 Transport me baby . . . Thanks! 2007-08-06
maximusmaximillion Been playing Simcity 4 for quite sometime - just recently trying to figure out BAT files, lot files, BLAM, NAM etc & wondering how they\'d improve my game. Will try out NAM & see how it works. Thanks man! 2007-06-09
NinjaRobotPirate A+++ would download again! 2007-06-07
patfirefghtr Man talk about just getting used to Jan 07 version and all the sudden getting WOWed again in June LoL.... Thank you NAM Team for your work in revitlizing the NAM!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-06-04
himajin2000 great... 2007-06-04
DougOZ thanks very good creation 2007-06-03
Tarkus lb_industries: The new NAM is here. Just look for Network Addon Mod (Windows) or Network Addon Mod (MacOS). 2007-06-02
lb_industries this exxential download is not the new nam june 2007 ? where is the new nam ? 2007-06-02
lb_industries this exxential download is not the new nam june 2007 ? where is the new nam ? 2007-06-02
lb_industries this exxential download is not the new nam june 2007 ? where is the new nam ? 2007-06-02
richjdd You guys rock... DRAGABLE tram lines... i am in heaven... 2007-06-01
mapper Awesome job, NAM team! Happy Birthday Andreas! 2007-06-01
Masochist Oh, no! It\'s here!!! Thank you guys so much! And Tarkus...there\'s always the RHM to taunt us with...;-) 2007-06-01
bokrif Finally 2007-06-01