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This file has been locked, as the RHW mod is now included out of the box with the Network Addon Mod (NAM) itself. You can pick up the latest NAM release here .

We will not be unlocking this file, as it's no longer needed. Its continued presence is mainly to redirect users who may have followed links from elsewhere toward the NAM with the integrated RHW system.


zxh2018 GOOD 2018-05-13
zino09 thx 2016-03-09
ryakubb thank you somuch 2015-05-18
William664212 Thanks Tarkus 2014-05-27
Tarkus William664212: Download the latest NAM.<br /> Monitorhead: With the exception of the Diagonal Bridge Enabler, all NAM plugins have been combined into the NAM itself, and there are no plans to re-separate them. 2014-05-24
Monitorhead Can i DL the Separated version of NAM? Thanks. 2014-03-27
William664212 How do I get an updated version? 2014-02-22
gijoebitchman 2014-01-11
hidebooooooy grt 2013-11-04
Barrabas1975 Thank you, bro 2013-05-30
catastroph Thanks Bro! 2013-05-10
rodrigoromao thanks! 2013-05-05
khunnun thank you 2013-05-02
greg73160 3 2013-03-26
bcsimsbury THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :) 2013-03-17
NAM Team The reason it\'s locked is because the new version is already included out of the box with the new NAM. We won\'t be unlocking it. 2013-03-08
knightojc I love what I see but I REALLY WANT IT...UNLOCK PLEASE!!!! 2013-03-06
wswht320 55 2013-03-05
Moonview.90 Wonderful 2013-02-27
MrLaurent15 ik 2013-02-02
cool1234 Thank you !! so much I\'ve been looking this for 2 years 2012-11-18
grekos6200 Super! 2012-11-12
kingofsdtw Thanks 2012-11-10
stantheman1959 great 2012-11-04
nuberoja Great! 2012-10-05
ElGeneralisimo 2012-08-23
agustyan GENIUS 2012-06-24
Tarkus Regarding the above two comments (dystopic and dogma555), thanks for the honest feedback. I\'m sorry to hear you guys aren\'t enjoying the mod, and I\'d like to respond to a couple concerns. We\'ve been well-aware of the sense among some that the RealHighway system has a rather steep learning curve over the years, and we have taken it into consideration and slowly worked on abating it, particularly with the increased focus on \"Flex\" items. We\'re also vastly improving stability and \"crosslinking\" with other NAM components for the next release. The addition of 7.5m-high networks and more curve pieces will also ease some of the terrain difficulties. Regarding the notion of \"plop interchanges\", they\'ve never been on the agenda, despite being suggested many times over the years, but there\'s a very good reason for that. While they may initially seem like a reasonable \"quick fix\" to the ease-of-use issue, in actual practice, they\'d create new issues. Because of all of the different widths, height levels and median sizes to account for, in order to create a plop system for the RHW on par with what the Maxis Highway system currently has (including its expansion in the NAM), we\'d need to make <b>thousands</b> of plop interchanges just to cover basic functionality (consider that the RHW currently only has around 300-400 pieces, many of which are cosmetic pieces sequestered away on their own menu for the really detail-oriented folks). That\'s simply not a feasible request. I would, however, recommend you give the RHW another shot next release (which will be part of NAM Version 31). I\'d be curious as to your impressions on it. 2012-05-23
dogma555 I\'ve got to be honest, I have given up on this project. Its becoming too intimidating to have to keep replacing \"older\" highway segments with the brand new ones constantly coming out. Not to mention, compatibility issues with other mods are now a true annoyance. Lastly, the amount of patience it takes to build a proper interchange is too time consuming for what is supposed to be a leisurely video game. I was hoping by now they would release ploppable interchanges, but that doesn\'t even seem to be on the agenda. Good luck to all future RHW endeavors, but I\'ve rolled back to my slightly older NAM folder version. I\'m appreciative I\'ve at least got the multi-lane highways, SAM, wide turns, and the turning lanes! 2012-05-22
dystopic i\'ve tried to get into this mod repeatedly because it\'s so highly recommended, but i just don\'t like it. the idea is noble, but i feel the end result is a disaster. this mod has a learning curve that\'s almost steeper that SC4 itself. and what\'s worse, even \"good\" interchanges built with this mod are, IMO, extremely ugly as a result of the mish-mash of smoothed and hard-angled pieces, frequent use of terrain elevation changes, and other things the designers have limited control over. i can\'t fault them for not doing exactly what i want, and it\'s great that they\'re still putting time and expertise into this game after so many years. but i can\'t deny how terribly disappointing this mod is to me. 2012-05-13
IdanSuper the bridges aren\'t working for me with the current version (5.0) 2012-05-04
Tarkus 0987: The ANT Plugin was discontinued in NAM Version 22 back in January 2008. Everything that was in it was merged into the RHW. You don\'t need to worry about that anymore. 2012-04-19
26gtx Trying now, thx! 2012-04-04
0987 I am wondering if I read it wrong or something. I am wondering what is NAM w/ ANT installed. Is it the NAM 2007 version or do I have to look for ANT elsewhere. If so where? 2012-03-24
portomapfre Yes!!! 2012-03-15
bagusyuu Thanks! 2012-03-10
davidbrock69877 i have been lookin for this thank u so much 2012-02-07
artixman Thank 2012-01-30
cityelf ok 2012-01-26
cityelf ok 2012-01-26
Zoho Thanks! you are great! Excellent! Fantastic! Thanks! Thanks again! 2012-01-07
dany__86 How can i add lights to this highway?? 2012-01-07
Zeta. Teniu droga pa vendre? 2012-01-06
Snap thank you verry much, happy x-mas :-) 2011-12-24
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-17
csc_mccoy@hotmail.com It\'s amazing, very thanks. 2011-12-01
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
singh great 2011-11-28
Tarkus cswj01: I should also add that technically, there won\'t be an RHW Version 6.0. It\'ll be getting merged into the NAM itself with NAM Version 31. 2011-11-19
Tarkus cswj01: ERHW-8 and 10 are planned . . . model-based items will always lag a good while behind ground-level items. There are no plans for a DDRHW-6 at this point, but a DDRHW-8 is planned. 2011-11-19
cswj01 in rhw 6 create a ddrhw 6 and erhw 8 and 10 2011-11-16
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
suzghy Thank you :) 2011-11-05
Hardy Liu great!thanks! 2011-11-01
Simnewbie Thank you so much! 2011-11-01
Corndead Thank you! Very good material! 2011-10-16
billie_vcree i don\'t have flexspui... 2011-10-15
Ioseph Thanks 2011-10-10
Ariel Thanks! 2011-10-06
Death50 Elevated RHW3, that alone is epic win, everything else after that is a big bonus! Amazing work guys! 2011-10-03
NielsC (Double Rainbow Orgasm) WOW!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Woahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011-10-03
blebell Never used this or the NAM but can\'t wait to now thank you 2011-09-30
Tarkus djedu: Unfortunately, we can\'t. Once a LEX file gets named, it stays stuck on that name. We could reupload it, but then it breaks the download links on any readmes that might reference the RHW. 2011-09-27
djedu in this place it is called RURAL Highway Mod, but in the files and at the STEX it is called REAL Highway Mod... can you fix it? 2011-09-27
djedu i hope there are concrete RHWs... 2011-09-27
soddenwili Great Mod, Horrible page 2011-09-20
senseisan greaatttt!!!!!! 2011-09-18
CahosRahneVeloza RHW 5.0.... SPUI-tacular! 2011-09-17
dwelln8hss32 RHW 5.0 here we go!! Thanks NAM team for your hard work!! This is great! 2011-09-17
andreykm wooooooooooooooow that\'s here! 2011-09-16
basileus YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 2011-09-15
mamaluigi945 *here 2011-09-15
mamaluigi945 Thank you NAM Team for all of your work on this and other projects! RHW v5.0 her I come ! :DDDD 2011-09-15
alvinheriadi mangstab 2011-09-14
RahmanYH SC4 NEVER DIE! 2011-09-07
Lagaffe :) 2011-09-07
XL2007 Turn Num Lock off before playing SC4. 2011-08-21
sc980 i cant rotate anything and i have windows 7 2011-08-15
Pro4eva Great thanks for the NAM Team and their mods. They made the best citybuilder game even better, full and more enjoyable. I already downloaded your works before, but I reinstalled SimCity 4 because I wanted to play it and thought I must thank you for this awesome work. 2011-07-28
Tarkus javaleer: You've got an outdated version of the NAM or a conflicting plugin installed. See the NAM FAQ in the forums (in the NAM Place board). 2011-07-11
javaleer why doesn\'t it work. it shows up on my menu red and doesn\'t let me build 2011-06-14
bigbossdf Cool 2011-06-11
hibyefdis Thank...You! 2011-06-09
rjamesp AMAZING!!!! 2011-05-29
jiehaomeng I love it~ 2011-05-27
usagi <a href=\"http://review69.blog.fc2.com/\">Thank you</a> 2011-05-18
jengkung33 thanks 2011-05-14
italiancifa Very nice!!! 2011-05-12
Mexy1 Thanks 2011-05-07
marcos2topete grasias soy novato en esta pagina espero no desepcinarlos 2011-04-17
marcos2topete guau no puedo es perar agugar con este nvo mod muchas grasias son los mejores 2011-04-17
ziggyzack1234 ?do you have to manually put it in folders..? 2011-04-16
redvic08 I love SC4 so much! 2011-03-30
wangbiliao 2011-03-28
geindoll thank you very much! 2011-03-22
mastarick not easy to master, but once you do, this is AWESOME 2011-03-22
16ajmain SWEET! 2011-03-18
Lahm great!! it works thanks.. 2011-03-06
NielsC Can you make more of this huge road mods. Ik like it so much 2011-02-18
djedu downloaded it in STEX, thanks!!! 2011-02-16
kd7913 Thank you!! 2011-02-14
kd7913 Thank you!! 2011-02-14
speed_b You have extended the reality and the deepness of the game a lot. Nice job. Thanks. 2011-02-10
irockyay96 AWESOME MOD THANKS U!!! 2011-02-06
TheBlackmetalhead Simcity has devoted fans simtropolis is cool this place is awsome to lol im new here i love how you guys care about the people. 2011-01-29
mayor rully thank you.. :) 2011-01-17
magicman580 NAM STEX CD (Jan 2011) IS HERE EMAIL to magicman580@gmail.com! and tell your address! or get the ISO! or the contents!!!!! 2011-01-11
Tarkus thegiant27: We immediately discontinue any previous versions to prevent compatibility issues. Version 3.0 is no longer available and is no longer supported by the NAM Team. If you don\'t like the existing textures, they are planned to be revamped again in the next release (Version 4.2). See the development thread on the forums for a sneak peek at the new look. 2010-12-29
thegiant27 I searched for version 3.0 all day. Can\'t find it. 2010-12-26
thegiant27 I don\'t like the realhighway textures. Where can I can get version 3.0. 2010-12-26
Voltikx tkx 2010-12-25
GuyverScythe Wooo! Updates! 2010-11-25
NinjaMiniMan How do I download this??? 2010-11-18
pepsibottle1 Also too, it would be convient to have a seperate draggable MIS piece instead of having to use transitions or straight filler buttons. Other that that, this mod is wonderful 2010-11-15
pepsibottle1 Wonderful mod, just a quick suggestion. I really would like to merge roads into mis ramps, because here in the U.S, most on-off ramps just merge into existing roads. Right now, it\'s really complicated to try to integrate one of the highways into kmy city but gosh, they are awfully realistic. That\'s the only complaint I have now, I really want to merge mis ramps with my roads. 2010-11-15
Death50 I can\'t find those ground to elevated curved ramp peices (MIS?), and I\'ve seen some pictures where an RHW4 was dragged over ontop of an RHW3 and worked fine, but everytime I do it, it turns the RHW2. Is a puzzle peice missing? What exactly is going on? 2010-10-23
tums16 Thank...You! 2010-10-01
CityDog17 Great! Keep up the good work. Looks good. 2010-09-16
mjj911 Rhw Sam Nwm Nam are all good mods 2010-09-14
mjj911 ok good work on fixes 2010-09-14
yaoming nice job. well done guys. 2010-09-12
sphynkz Wow everytime i press to use a piece it shuts my game down 2010-09-11
pcu03422 It is so good. 2010-08-28
brandbrand32 thanks 2010-08-27
notdoppler83 its cool but it does have its ups and downs. 2010-08-24
samerton 4.1!! Thanks everyone! 2010-08-16
Highrise99 I\'m so glad V4.1 came out! Although I currently can\'t get the new FlexFly and transtitions (don\'t worry, I\'m getting support) , I\'m glad the \"East Side Issue\" has been fixed. 2010-08-15
Aldini10 Also, NAM Team Rules! 2010-08-15
togeseed thank you very much 2010-07-19
Tarkus Caller9: They\'re under the Road/RHW Pieces button under the Roads menu. Hit Shift-TAB when you first click the button and you\'ll go right to them. 2010-06-01
Caller9 Truly an amazing piece of work! I\'m still getting used to how it all works.. I do seem to have one issue I can\'t seem to resolve.. I was looking at the tutorial on the \"FLUPS\" system and it says I have RHW ramp and pieces included in the NAM.. I have yet to find them. Can you point me in the right direction as to what menu or where they may be? So far I\'ve been systematically updating my cities to use all these new features.. incredible. It\'s amazing that people outside the developers have done more to improve the game and create much more useable content then ever existed in the original. Thanks to you all! 2010-05-31
delta9 Like I said in the NAM topic... HOLY CRAP! The trifecta of unbridled awesomeness has finally arrived... omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg my SC4 addiction has reawakened! Huge thanks to everyone involved! 2010-05-20
tenochtitlan Very well done guys, but I still can\'t really figure out the neighbour connectivity. It seems that the invisible loop connectors rule out any other placement. Maybe it\'s time for a more elaborated explanation/tutorial? 2010-05-20
luis_r_branco I don\'t have any file to install RHW!!!Why is this happening. I\'ve the download but there isn\'t any executable file.PLEASE HELP ME!!! 2010-05-19
luis_r_branco I don\'t have any file to install RHW!!!Why is this happening. I\'ve the download but there isn\'t any executable file.PLEASE HELP ME!!! 2010-05-19
Tommy83 AHHH I\'m freaking out! Thank you so much!! *grouphug* :D 2010-05-15
bosniak Thank you so much! NAM has changed SimCity4 for better! 2010-05-14
Runnerguy347 this is amazing 2010-05-10
Elvis81 WOW!!! 2010-05-10
Aldini10 OMG! 2010-05-09
Gringamuyloca OMG..It\'s really here?? I\'m speechless... Thank you all! 2010-05-09
dhf528 лл 2010-04-15
sejr99999 thank you for all these fantastic creations will save this one for later 2010-04-10
magicman580 I Even Put Some Of You NAM STuff In My Magicman Network Website! 2010-04-04
magicman580 I Love U Guys!!! Thank U! 2010-03-18
luolody n 2010-03-08
Tarkus dwelln8hss32: Neighbor connections will be improved greatly with the next release. Geometry: It sounds like you\'re using an incompatible traffic plugin that does not support \"spreading\". Switch to NAM Simulator A, B or Z. 2010-02-02
akapp Thank you for good job! 2010-02-01
Geometry i have a problem all traffic in my RHW 8 had the traffic always exchanging lanes anytime can you please help me 2010-01-22
dwelln8hss32 Have had this since vers. 3 was released, and love it! Really, really nice addition to the game. Now if only we could simplify neighbor connectivity, but what tremendous options! Love these tools! 2009-12-30
plai wonderful 2009-12-29
oka02 niiiice! thankyou guys! 2009-12-15
SaneBoy97 This will be great if you really want to build a big city. 2009-12-04
JPdude YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! 2009-11-29
westollow this is awesome!! i was lookin for a 3 lane hw 2009-11-21
llamaman34 where do u download it to? 2009-11-20
snookums I can\'t seem to get this mod working right. =/ I made a very simple interchage with resendential on one side of the RHW and commercial/industrial on the other and the people cant seem to get across. Can anyone help me out? I\'d love to be able to use this mod. 2009-11-10
Total Casual where has this mod been all my life!? 2009-10-25
tonthaisimcity Thank you so much. I have a lot of problem when my city increase size, traffic jam and i don\'t want to destroy my city to make highway. Thank you 2009-10-03
hzf728 ```thank you. 2009-10-01
hzf728 cool 2009-10-01
roni-m3 One Word FANTASTIC!!!!!!! 2009-09-15
tea420173 When i first got sim city 4 it was because i wanted to build my own road network. The game itself was fun for this, but there were several things i thought would make it better. Between NAM and RHW, i think almost if not everything is now possible. The only things i would like to see is a region map plugin and better diagonals for RHW, but what can I say, this set has allowed my vision for this game to be possible. Amazing. Thank You to the developers. 2009-05-29
esouths I like this but I wish we didn\'t have to place road direction puzzle pieces and just have straight one way rural highway roads instead, it makes making long diagonal roads impossible. 2009-05-21
blue7knight Thank you so much Intersection is much better 2009-04-02
CityMaster23 Love it! Same as the highways in Miami. 2009-03-16
oka02 you guys are just great! 2009-02-21
luigi1925 Amazing, The Nam and all your creations help me alot and are very fun to play with Thanks so Much! 2009-02-20
mafukw Thank you! 2009-02-13
JeonJunho I founded for 3 days!!! Thank you!!! 2009-01-29
Joetropian1 Great! I am still learning how to use this, but its a great addition to the game! 2009-01-26
SimCityGamer This is a very good job! Respect! 2009-01-24
SimCityGamer This is a very good job! Respect! 2009-01-24
ss7e0094 Thank you for your latest vision 2009-01-22
patfirefghtr thank you for v 3.0!!! 2009-01-16
darkofnight YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS You Guys Rule! 2009-01-15
darraghflah THANK YOU 2009-01-15
io_bg Wooohoooo! I\'ve been waiting for this since November 2008 :D 2009-01-15
b22rian thanks a lot alex for the best mod ever released on the lex !! 2009-01-14
gfv1974 You are the best, Alex! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this! Can\'t wait to try it ingame. :) 2009-01-14
riponite Thank You. Thank You!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! :-) I just had to shout it from the highest pixels. This is what I dreamed about when SimCity 4 came out six years ago. To all of you who worked so hard on the RHW project, you are the BEST!!! 2009-01-14
auonline2 wow thanks tarkus!! 2009-01-14
Tarkus RHW Version 3.0 is here! Enjoy! :-) 2009-01-14
Tarkus Nope, I\'m not going to relock it. 3.0 will just simply be released when it\'s ready. 2008-12-26
darraghflah are you going to have to re-lock this before you release the next version 2008-12-23
Tarkus 2.0 has been unlocked, at least temporarily. Still keep an eye out for 3.0. ;-) 2008-11-18
WC_EEND very soon is quite long, it\'s already taken a week :( 2008-11-14
patfirefghtr I so cant wait for v3.0 woohoo!!! 2008-11-05
NAM Team RHW Version 2.0 is now locked. Keep an eye out for Version 3.0 coming very soon. ;) 2008-11-05
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
lamarski I have been enjoying the game for sometime and now it keeps closing on me and it has to do with,EXCEPTION REPORTS AND ITS COMING FROM MY NAM FILE. HELP.myaky1and2@yahoo.com 2008-08-31
RoninMastaFX Thank you for this wonderful piece of art! Many thanks! :D 2008-07-22
pokestik Thank...You! 2008-05-03
sprankiko good, great, wonderful!! :) 2008-02-06
patfirefghtr sweet thank you for this!!! 2008-02-02
LARRY99 please updtate rhw ramps mis mergge and acceleration lanes on and ramps not work please updtate this rhw and rhw ramps merge and acceleration lanes ramps 2008-01-18
Mr_Pooter huge*... typo... anyways yea, great MOD! 2008-01-05
Mr_Pooter I\'ve discovered the problem with the NAM on my computer, and now I\'m gonna download this again because it looks toally awesome and I don\'t want big hude highways runing through the middle of my towns. 2008-01-05
jacqulina thanks for your fantastic work 2008-01-03
qpdla241 ccosz.. 2008-01-02
tommiej YES!! it\'s been released finally!! great work Tarkus and the rest of the NAM team! 2008-01-02
sithlrd98 Thank you Thank you! 2008-01-01
NAM Team v20 is now here! 2008-01-01
Tarkus Evolved--very soon Cmonster59--Glad you\'ve been enjoying the RHW! 1) The RHW doesn\'t replace the Maxis highways 2) Which ramps are you referring to? If you\'re meaning the ones shown in the RHW thread, those are the MIS Ramps that\'ll be in v20. 2007-12-31
Cmonster59 This has been an excellent roadway system and i will look forward tp the RHW v20. Though i have a few questions: 1) If i download the new RHW v 20, will i still be able to use the Maxis Highway (3 lanes) system or does V20 replace it? 2) I looked at some of other members pictures they posted with the v13 highway. Are those large- long ramps draggable? 2007-12-28
Evolved How long until v20 is out/this is downloadable again... sorta want to DL it... 2007-12-25
Tarkus RHW v13b is being locked, due to updates in process. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Keep an eye out for RHW v20 (with MIS), coming soon! 2007-12-14
anarchy0029 I am wondering if I read it wrong or something. I am wondering what is NAM w/ ANT installed. Is it the NAM 2007 version or do I have to look for ANT elsewhere. If so where? 2007-11-19