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Creator: mattb325 Upload Date: 2007-06-01
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A 4x2 city centre fire station for W2W environments.

This model is based very loosely on a High Victorian Fire Station in Melbourne's Eastern Hill fashioned after a photograph provided by deadwoods.

* Radius: 685m
*4 dispatches
* $800 to plop
*Full details in enclosed readme


(Please note this link is up to date; the link in the readme is out of date)

(Please note this link is up to date; the link in the readme is out of date)

*BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol01
*BSCTextures Vol 01.dat

Edit April 7 2021: Removed Installer


sejr99999 thank you a very classic fire station looks great 2011-03-10
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
roni-m3 great 2009-09-21
PrestonCo badass, man....great work 2009-03-19
79pop nice 2009-03-18
Berguerra Great work 2008-11-25
c.p. Magnificent! Thank you. 2007-06-16
sebes Top Notch! 2007-06-16
kwakelaar This is quite an extraordinary fire station, I really like this building. 2007-06-08
spa It\'s too pretty to be a fire station! Thanks for sharing. 2007-06-03
yoder7652 Fantastic! This is one of the best fire stations I\'ve ever played with in the game. 2007-06-02
kimcar Wonderfull work . I like those kind of building . Thanks 2007-06-02
Schulmanator It makes me smile everytime I see a new one from you. Your lots are great bits of eye candy! 2007-06-02
Bengt Excellent work Matt! Now my W2W cities will be even better! 2007-06-02