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Emu Plains Railway Station

This is a small passenger railway station typical of those built in Australia and the UK during the 19th Century. In-game it is suitable for smaller towns or outer metropolitan areas.

It is offered in two different renders for variety: a light brick and a deeper brown rendered version.

*BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol01
*BSC Mega Props - JES Vol02
*JRJ Various Transit textures
*BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01
*BSC Textures Vol 01
*BSC Textures Vol 02

My thanks to Barbyw for modding and packaging and my BSC teammates for feedback and testing.

EDIT 25 May 2020. Removed installer. Updated for MAC 4 Bit compatibility issues. No changes to capacity values as this is designed for small towns.


cronop44 Thanks 2017-08-30
NSWFUTURELEGEND cool to see some australian heritage railways stations on LEX 2012-08-27
dazniniel Genial....!!!!!!! 2011-11-27
ArnieLovesCali Looks nice but why are some of the dependencies locked? 2011-06-08
sejr99999 thank you now this is a very nice little station nice bridges 2011-03-10
dabedy I too use this station every day - fantastic - accurate - very lifelike - great job! 2009-12-06
dray77 Matt... I use Emu every day.. well done from a 1st hand local. 2008-03-25
c.p. Looks very nice. Thanks. 2007-06-16
Mick64 Very nice 2007-06-10
kwakelaar Very nice, Matt 2007-06-08
shinkansen1 It\'s so beautiful, that\'s all I can say, though it might be an understatement. 2007-06-03
kimcar Thanks Mattb for your work 2007-06-02