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Do your new NAM avenue roundabouts look a little bare? Here is a solution. A set of four 2x2 filler lots for NAM Avenue Roundabouts. They have park and landmark effects and also have a small air cleaning effect.

BSC Essentials
BSC MEGA Props - RT Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - RT Vol02
BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01
BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol02
BSC Textures Vol 01

Edit (8 July 2016): Dependency Tracker Support Added.


Tarkus Kinkzoz: Just added the Dependency Tracker support. 2016-07-08
Kinkzoz Any way we could get Dependency Tracker support on this? All the dependencies are on this site already. 2016-07-08
Disasterjunkie This is wicked, get rid of all the pesky intersections 2014-07-08
kandi17 Merci ♥ 2013-09-10
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
blebell wonderful detail - thank you 2011-10-29
CityDog17 Thanks again. Don\'t know how I misplaced the files twice, but I do know they look great when actually get them installed. 2011-05-31
CityDog17 Had this before. It stopped working just before big crash. It\'s a must have for new rebuild. Great work! 2011-01-23
denniTampan im downloading... thanks... 2010-11-12
weston631 dependency links broken 2010-09-06
densaat Good work Thanks! 2010-07-17
sejr99999 thank you will get use from these 2010-05-06
uploadman Thank you very much ... 2009-10-24
Roblok2 Nice 2009-08-03
Jorge_carrillo 2009-04-26
mafukw Thanks 2009-04-08
thailovesc4 Thanks 2008-10-17
pedroferreiralp at last, someone remembered roundabouts exist! ;) great job. Thank you. 2008-10-08
Chlev Wonderful! 2008-08-08
bkballa4790 Awesome! 2007-11-27
icepeter This tool is amazing I wish I didn\'t wait so long to download this 2007-06-21
phiphty and now that I\'ve used these fillers in a few spots, they are great!! 2007-06-17
phiphty i knew it would be something simple. =) thx barbyw 2007-06-16
barbyw phiphty: you need to bulldoze the four central squares of the roundabout before plopping these. 2007-06-16
phiphty I\'m new at this, in fact your parks are first thing I\'m trying out with the NAM. But when I try to plop one of your parks in the middle of the avenue circle it says \"occupied\". What am I doing wrong? your parks plop fine on open ground. 2007-06-16
yoshiisland2 They look great. I was waiting for some Avenue Roundabout fillers and here they are!! 2007-06-08
barbyw ccecill: the dependencies are listed above and also in the Readme with links. All are on the LEX 2007-06-07
ccecill Mine are still bare. What\'s teh dependency? 2007-06-06
oyd these are lovely.... very useful... 2007-06-06
Tarkus Very nice, Barby! 2007-06-05
mattb325 Great stuff! 2007-06-05
snorrelli Oooh - I was just scanning my parks menu for something appropriate for the new roundabouts and not coming up with much. Very timely - thanks. 2007-06-05
Mas71 Yeh!! Wonderful Barbyw san!! Thank you!! 2007-06-05
High5Tower I will now start making more avenue roundabouts, thank you 2007-06-05
OwenYoman Since it would appear that we\'ll never be getting Dusktroopers awesome roundabout center :P These help very much :D 2007-06-05
natuurzoon i was wondering how long it would take before avenue roundabout fillers would get here, i\'m glad it didn\'t took long! it looks great! 2007-06-05
patfirefghtr Sweet ty barby for this!!!! 2007-06-05
debussyman Much needed :) 2007-06-05