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This file now forms part of the updated BSC Essentials
This file will be required for almost all the forthcoming updated versions of all my old works and almost all future releases. It contains several custom queries. I tried to think ahead based on the photos I have right now and included queries for sets that I haven't worked on yet. Thus, this should be a fairly finaly version. Still, I can't promise that this won't be updated at some point down the line depending on if I get travelling and start batting buildings from places I haven't yet envisioned.


panwenqi Thank you. 2013-06-14
spa 1ajs, if you read the description above the text indicates that this dependency is now part of BSC Essentials. In other words if you download BSC essentials you no longer need to download this. Hence the lock. 2008-12-07
1ajs not again god damit... whys this lock? Mel\'s Tea Room, by Spa says its ma manditory grr this is getting anoying 2008-12-07
godshome thankyou :) 2007-09-30
Manh11 Merci bcq ! ;) 2007-08-28
jacqulina wonderfull work thanks 2007-08-22
patfirefghtr ty ty 2007-07-29
icepeter Great ! Thank you ! 2007-06-30