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Edit 12/25/2021: Converted to .zip file under Project ZIP

I am releasing these .sc4model files of a 767 aircraft. I do not have the time to lot or mod them, so simply instead I am releasing them. Included are the .desc file and the .sc4model file. You can find them in the Lot Editor and create your Jetway, Runway, Taxiway, or whatsover version for yourself. This really opens up a broad opportunity for customization that fits your needs.

Included are three "Types" of model and they are;

Static - Which can be used for taxiwau, jetways, etc
Landing- The aircraft is 32 m in the air so it will be floating above ground
Runway- Aircraft in full reverse configuation after landing (Speedbrakes, reverse thrust, etc).

These are the Airlines/Airways that are included,

Air Canada
Air France
Air New Zealand
American Airlines
British Airways
Continential Airlines
Delta Airlines
Japan Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Scadanvidan Airlines
Trans World Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways

You may do whatever with these models. Be warned, if you try to release a lot with these models, you MUST credit Albert Bouwman or it will be plagiarizing.

The GMax models were made by Albert Bouwman, not I, I simply rendered them.

Enjoy yourself! I may release another version in a later date as well.

The plane skins are from Project open Skies,



Diego2807 New sugestions por new 767s:<br /> Delta (new livery)<br /> American (new livery)<br /> United (new livery)<br /> Qantas<br /> Malev<br /> LAN Airlines<br /> TAM Airlines<br /> Royal Air Maroc<br /> Aeromexico 2016-05-07
city12 i plop them but it dont show up 2015-08-24
WZNGT 2014-03-02
cokholoey thanks 2013-03-09
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-13
lqjhh Thank You!!! 2011-05-29
willeone Actually, I found these, but HOW DO I ROTATE THEM? 2011-04-17
willeone Where in the lot editor do I find these? 2011-04-17
willeone Where in the lot editor do I find these? 2011-04-17
djedu NOTE: Project Opensky was changed into FreeSky Project. 2011-03-19
djedu LOL!!! POSKY was the bestest freeware airplane model maker! 2011-02-06
TheNation88 I really like them but I cannot find these anywhere in the lot editor 2010-09-12
vendetta007.mike So they are static right? :( 2010-05-24
CRI069 yesssssssss, planes again!!!!! 2010-02-28
julinovianto use full 2009-12-21
Jubalulu Very Good 2008-04-23
gerkan Thanks! 2008-03-25
BlackPhoenixSim4 How do you use the lot editor to put these in an airport...I\'m having problems. And also how do I find the file names of the props in the editor and under what? 2007-11-26
bboy920 They are neat! 2007-08-16
patfirefghtr these are very sweet thank you for rendering them and making them into props 2007-07-21
icepeter Great ! Thank you ! 2007-07-18
Dirk Thank you all for your comments. Version two is in the works and will include international fleets so rest assured you\'ll get diversity! 2007-06-11
Aleksander thanks you for these planes 2007-06-11
ejc Is there a version of Germans \"Lufthansa\" planned?? 2007-06-11
callagrafx Actually Kumba, as you have already credited Albert for the models in your prop pack, the LOTmakers do not have to, as they just link to this as a dependency. But thank you for the thought and the concern about plagiarism, it\'s appreciated :-) And like the rest, I hope you release more as the texturing is first class. 2007-06-10
Nealos101 Woah... I love these my friend! Any chance of doing some Boeing 747s, Concordes and Airbus A380\'s? 2007-06-10
jestarr These are very nice models! Thanks for sharing. 2007-06-10